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Full Version: So, they made this
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Appearantly, this is, indeed, a thing that exists.
THAT. Is a frigging Goblin Glider right there!
4 turbines, each 250HP, maximum speed 150km/h, fleight ceiling 10k feet, about 3050m, fuel for 10 minutes of flight . . so i find myself now wondering . .
does that mean you can reach 3km height in 10 minutes and then you are shit out of fuel, or does it rocket you up to 3km and then still has enough fuel left to safely go down again? O.o
I'd say it more means that you can use it up to 3000 m, after that it might have issues with air pressure, Oxygen or the temperatures up there (freezing mechanical parts for example). Keep in midn the higher the thing goes, the more power it needs to get further up. Im not a specialist for avionics, but purely mathematical, going up and down again looks feasible (150 km/h max speed, 10 minutes at max speed cover 20.5 km, so on paper getting up and back down looks possible. In practice, I doubt that thing is built for that stuff and also would lose some of its properties if someone tried (I'd pack pretty warm clothes and a parachute, which means more air resistance and, of course, more weight). Also with the way this thing looks, I doubt you can steer it very precisely and even with a lot of practice, some of the power will get lost keeping the flight stable and correcting the course.
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