Mentioning the PF SRD in another thread reminded me of another thing my table has been doing lately, and I have to thank our GM Bobson for finding this originally.

Syrin Scape.

It's a huge library and platform for providing dynamic music/sound effects to the role playing table, including the ability to trigger certain sound effects to coincide with game events ("Push button, get sound") or periodically ("play sound every [rand] minutes"). I'm not sure how well it's set up for something like Shadowrun, but I do know that it has sci-fi sounds (half the library is set up for Pathfinder stuff and has mixes already pre-configured for Pathfinder adventures). Our GM has been relatively happy with it and been able to cobble together some custom mixes when the preconfigured ones don't quite work, although he notes that you have to have a really good idea of what the various effects are in order to do so.

Generally we keep it at a low volume, enough to provide some ambiance, but occasionally it's been up louder, particularly during fights (although the kobold fighting noises caused quite a bit of laughter around the table). We use a portable speaker, rather than laptop speakers, as it's got a much higher volume capability. I happened to already own it, for use playing audio books from my tablet while in the car but it's come in handy on a number of occasions (such as playing Space Alert).

Anyway, I figured I'd share a neat technology (the pricing is also really generous) in case other folks hadn't heard of it yet.