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Full Version: [SR5] Masking
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When you have your aura masked and someone assenses you, you make an opposed test (Intuition+Assensing vs. Magic+Initiate Grade).

Let's assume, the one assensing you has 4 successes and you got 3.

He can now see both auras (obviously able to tell that yours is masked).

However, what information does he get?

Since he only has 1 net success, does he only get the information based on that?

So, even though he knows that the aura is masked, he still cannot get a whole lot of information out of it?

Is that correct?

That is how I interpret it. The masking is like trying to see one picture while another is overlaid. You have a hard time reading anything about the first (true) image due to the distortion the second causes.
Perhaps allow a second test a penalty to try and get a read on the true aura, now that they know it is there.
I would only use the original successes and then give info based on what was made.

You thought at first this person had no aura at all, a typical mundane, but then noticed a faint aura is leaking out, faint but there.
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