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Kren Cooper
Hi folks

I'm going to be running an underground gladiatorial knockout competition in my Pink Mohawk campaign. One of the NPCs is entering, and there will be runs around the competition, due to go on for several weeks of in-game time, around the whole thing - spying on the enemy, sabotaging their training, trying to spike the other combatants, etc etc.

My plan is to put in 16 competitors in a brutal one-vs-one elimination knockout pyramid, leading to 8 first round fights, 4 2nd round, 2 semi finals and a grand final.
So far I have these down as loose ideas / concepts:

1. Christos Stavros – Greek Troll Cyber/Phys-ad.
Representative from the “Puppet” (my main campaign fixer) – an Independent entry, he has a pair of spurs and enhanced articulation, the high body and strength typical of a troll along with the +1 reach, an aptitude for cyber-combat, and physad abilities to complement this – improved ability (cybercombat) and some reflexes. Styles himself as a greek god, and wears costume to match.
2. Tony DiGlora – Human Mafia enforcer.
A cybered up “made man”, he enforces the Mafia’s will on people. Comes equipped with a cyber spur on one arm, and a small buckler on the other which he uses for parrying / absorbing melee attacks. Fights in his suit, biowear modified not to sweat, he’s always perfectly smart and well turned out.
3. Xu Li Han – Elven Triad troubleshooter.
A human Chinese female, Xu is a Phys-ad, G2 Initiated, with mastery of the Wu-Chun fighting style. Strong on defence, she’s small but very nimble and has abilities that boost her combat pool and dodging potential. Fights in loose fitting / baggy sweats.
4. Yushi Watanabe – Human Yakuza hitman.
Another Phys-ad, this time G3 Initiated with the martial art of Karate. He favours strong attacks and is a very direct, quick firing, in your face kind of fighter. Strong hatred of meta’s, this may provoke him to do rash things in combat. Fights in his Karate Gi, with a plain black belt.
5. Pietr Storavonich – Dwarven Vory enforcer.
This hench looking Dwarf has gone under the knife and received extensive upgrades – a dose of wired reflexes, some ceramic bone lacing, dermal sheath and some augmented strength and quickness ‘ware. He’s a brawler – little style, but quite effective. Fights in a pair of ragged shorts, showing off his prison tattoos.
6. Rum Tuber – Ork pirate from the Carrib League.
Rum is also heavily Cyberered, tough as an old boot and highly vindictive. He has small hand razors implanted, but bizarrely fights with the Sioux Wildcat style, indicating some interesting history there. Very likely to become embroiled in some out of the ring confrontations at some point during the contest, he fights in t-shirt and shorts, and often enters the ring with a traditional Jolly Roger draped over his shoulders.
7. Laurel Swift-Mist – Human tribal warrior.
A surprise entry from the Salish-Shide, this Phys-ad, G1 Initiate is wiry and unassuming. She’s a practitioner of Aikido, but doesn’t appear to have much going for her and will definitely be an underdog in the competition. She’s actually on a spirit quest, and may have help from her totem during the competiton.
8. Sarataro Umikaze – a human “odd jobs” man from a subsidiary of MCT.
Pushing the limits of essence without crossing the line to being a zombie, this guy is packed full of betaware designed to make him strong and fast. From the titanium bone lacing, boosted reflexes, synaptic accelerator and combat drug injector he’s a pretty nasty customer. Fights in a pair of shorts.
9. Jerry the Jet – independent entrant.
Claims to be a great grandson of someone called Benny, he’s a traditional martial artist. This human is a phys-ad, Grade 3 initiated, with a fairly average mix of abilities. He’s a true martial artist (in his eyes) – this is as much about knowing himself as winning the competition. He fights fair and clean, and has no interest in hurting people, though he’ll fight to win.
10. Leaf-catcher – Centaur, unknown location.
Another surprise entry from the NAN, this Centaur has had to take careful steps to get into the city undetected and no one quite knows what to make of them. Trained in Capoeira, people are expecting to see this massive horse-beast perform some stunning kicks and interesting moves.
11. Kendra Kali – elf, Indian Union.
Another heavily cyber modified entrant, this unusual lady has a full and obvious cyber torso and additional arms installed. Each of her 4 arms has implanted spurs, and she moves with lightning speed. Fights in a leather harness and normally demands “mystical preparations” before a fight as she honours the gods of death.
12. Count Daniel Svalte – human Vampire.
Hailing from somewhere in Eastern Europe, reputed to still have a castle and the local population in thrall, the “count” hams up the whole traditional vampire thing to the hilt, cape, slicked back hair, the works. He fights well, using no particular style but years of experience, and saves his “mist form” for a sudden attack if things are going well.
13. Johhny Vegas – independent human bounty hunter.
Somewhat down on his luck, Vegas is planning on revitalising his career with some much needed publicity. His signature weapon is his electro-shock monowhip concealed in his index finger.
14. Anna DuPre – ex French Foreign Legion mercenary.
An initiated mage with a taste for close combat, she uses several sustaining foci to hold her spells that boost her combat efficiency, and some nasty spells that can destroy her enemies up close and personal. She’s got decent hand to hand skills too, that let her cast in combat against most of her enemies and use her magical prowess to boost her odds.
15. Jerrard Gracie – an Amazonian Ju-Jitsu expert
Appears to be mundane, and without any magical augmentation – what he does have is nearly 30 years of fighting experience under his belt. Apparently no-one has told him that in his 40s he’s supposed to be slowing down, and he’s at the peak of physical fitness, with decades of experience and know-how to call upon.
16. Jimmy Kruffman – former UFC champion, representing Biovare
A former MMA fighting champion, Jimmy is quite old, and has turned to cyper and bio enhancement to regain his edge. This has of course excluded him from the current UFC/EFC leagues, so now he’s popped up on the black fighting circuit trying to earn some dough. No one is quite sure what level of enhancement he’s packing these days.

Looking for some inspiration to help create memorable fighters / entrants to the competition. If there's loads of ideas, I can always expand the pyramid a bit and add an extra level. I'm running this on 3rd edition, but I think concepts / ideas should translate over from 4th/5th

So - any creative juicy thoughts for more crime syndicate, underworld forces or shadowrun / gang entrants to a fight to a death? Ideas gratefully received!
- Is that male-only? If not, you might want to add some female contestants.
- You could include someone with an implanted monowhip (or more), that always scares people.
- The catapult is a nice option on cyberspurs, that can be used for a surprise attack.
- The Nartaki metavariant with its four arms can be the base of an interesting fighter.
- What is allowed and what isn't? Stuff like shock hands/shock frills, poisoned hands or implanted tear gaz dispenser (with a treatment for immunity) can greatly unbalance a fight, not to mention stuff like a laser eye that can be used to get an advantage and might even go unnoticed.
- A mage with touch range spells.
- A Capoeirist Centaur
- A ghoul/vampire/sasquatch
Kren Cooper
Nope - not male only. Xu and Laurel are female, and I'd like to get at least a 70-30 split overall.
Implanted monowhip in a concealed finger is a nice move, and yes, would be very scary.
Catapult on cyberspurs? Can you elaborate on this one, as I'm not quite understanding what you mean?
4 arms would be another cool one, particularly with spurs in all 4... that's... nommy.
What I have in mind is anything goes that is integral to the body - so no knives, swords, poles, guns etc. The laser eye could be a cheat, used by a heel for a dazzle attack. The monowhip could be an interesting "technical" challenge to the umpires. Mostly I'm thinking underground, very illegal fight - sort of recreating Bloodsport for Shadowrun
Mage with spells is a nice one - thanks
HMMVV critter might be interesting - fear of being scratched giving a -1 to hit or something. Hmm.
And a centaur with capoeira - that's awesome. So Pink Mohawk!

Thank you for those thoughts - going to incorporate just about all of those!
The catapult (I think that's the name but I might be mistaken) is an option available in SR4 for some implanted weapons. When activated it shoots the implanted weapon.
Another good option for a surprise attack is the telescopic limb: think you're out of reach? Think again!
Hydraulic Jacks could lead to very powerful punches or kicks.
Then there are also stuff like implanted chainsaws or industrial machinery (the hydraulic press) that might not be very wieldy, but could make for a seriously Pink Mohawk opponent.
Other possible "cheats" include stuff like flashpaks in the eyes.

I'll keep thinking about it...
QUOTE (Blade @ Jun 22 2016, 04:07 PM) *
- A Capoeirist Centaur

Craziness! biggrin.gif

How about a Pixie Wrestler? rotfl.gif

He/she could be a mage and increase body / shapechange into something workable.

- A ghoul/vampire/sasquatch

Ghoul - I just don't see them being allowed in... it's simply too dangerous, and noone likes ghouls, anyways. But a Vampire would be fine... Mist Form could be fun.

QUOTE (Thanee @ Jun 22 2016, 12:12 PM) *
. But a Vampire would be fine... Mist Form could be fun.

Only if they allow me to bring my Dustbuster with the microbial filter vac bags. nyahnyah.gif
Kren Cooper
Thanks for ideas and thoughts so far from people - have updated my initial list to take most of them into account and flesh out the descriptions a little.

More concepts, ideas or criticism is welcome
A shapeshifter (or a mage with the shapechange spell) could be quite a dangerous opponent as well.
Kren Cooper
QUOTE (Blade @ Jun 23 2016, 08:42 AM) *
A shapeshifter (or a mage with the shapechange spell) could be quite a dangerous opponent as well.

I'd be thinking bear or wolf, probably another tribal entry. Though there's no reason not to get perhaps something more exotic from Amazonia? Or perhaps someone who is a great ape shapeshifter - certainly wouldn't fancy going against that in hand to hand?
The Blue Whale Shapeshifter is still the one I'd be less inclined to fight in hand to hand. One moment you're facing a human opponent, the next you're crushed by a 100 ton whale.
More seriously, a drake can also be a surprising opponent.
James Pond,
Whale Shapeshifter and Superspy
Licenced to Krill
QUOTE (Sendaz @ Jun 23 2016, 04:24 PM) *
James Pond,
Whale Shapeshifter and Superspy
Licenced to Krill

I was having a drink of water. There is water all over my monitor.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (Sendaz @ Jun 23 2016, 02:24 AM) *
James Pond,
Whale Shapeshifter and Superspy
Licenced to Krill

You really are a bit bent, Sendaz... You know that, right?
Kren Cooper
So, I did a run with my players, where they went to the weigh in with their fighter, to do an assesment on the odds...

Here's the stats for the fighters I generated, trying to keep them in the same ball park, but not absolutely balanced (these are in SR3 format)

Word on the street - what I released to the players:
Wounded Ronin
You need to add El Santo:
Kren Cooper
Results from the first couple of weeks of this mini campaign arc - if anyone is interested.

If anyone does manage to wade through the text, I'd be interested in feedback!

Round 1 results:
Round 2 betting:
Round 2 results:
Round 3 betting:
I was just thinking today that you could have a legal team from a corp crackdown on the fights because a contestant is using moves that are the intellectual property of the corp (a concept that came up during some discussion on these boards if I remember correctly).

EDIT: Finished reading the results, I like your style. Too bad Leaf-Catcher didn't make it far, but I'm eager to read the next results...
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