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I'm running a rather unusual game for one player, and I've been using dragons both great and regular in my game quite often. Given that we both enjoyed Skyrim I've decided to use the Dragonborn in my game. I'm looking to see if anyone had ever tried something like this, and how they did it.

I've got some ideas, and will post them as I flesh them out.

Thanks for looking, and comments are welcome.
It's interesting, but what is the difference in raw power between skyrim normal dragons and SR dragons?

Seeing as the Dragonborn's powers are fuelled by as is their progression on their power tree by consuming dragon souls, I suspect the SR guy is going to have a harder time of it.

Also this means bringing in a lot of special foci for the character in the forms of weapon foci, maybe even some kind of imbued armor, remember in SR you have to have magical items bonded to you, it is not just the case of having and carrying it around. Which I imagine opens yourself up to possible foci addiction as well.

Still, anything to shake the geckos up a bit is always worth considering. wink.gif
Dragonborn already are in the game, they're called immortal elves wink.gif
Dovakiin (20 Karma)
The character is born with the blood and soul of a dragon and the body and frailties of a mortal. They can be of any race or nationality, since it is a mystical connection that gives them their power.
When the quality is taken the Dovakiin gains a Magic rating of +1. They may also buy any other magical quality as well, so one could be both a mage and Dovakiin.
They have the ability to learn powerful magic, contained in the ancient language of the dragons, and to cast this magic as the Thu’um, or shouts.
Linked to their blood and soul is the ancestral memory of dragons which gives them the inate ability to unlock two skills required to use their power; Dovahzul, and Thu’um.
True dragons will be able to sense the power of the soul, and the character receives a +2 Reputation bonus among dragons.

Dovahzul (Logic)
The skill governing the power of draconic words. It is used to read and write the language of the ancient dragons. With enough mastery it can even be used to learn or create Thu’um.
Default: No
Skill Group: Dovahkiin

Thu’um (Charisma)
This is the ability to speak the words of power and have them affect the world. It is both the name of the “spells” of dragons and the act of casting them.
Default: No
Skill Group: Dovahkiin
Specilization: By Thu’um
Creating and Casting Thu’um
Dragon magic is an old and powerful tradition with several major differences from modern magical practices.
First is how the spells, or Thu’um, are learned or developed. Each one consists of three, or rarely four, words of power. Each word costs both Karma, and time, to learn. Normally the time is spent in contemplation of the word, but the Dovahkiin can circumvent the time requirement and skill check by spending the soul of a slain dracoform. If they do not they must learn it normally.
A skill test using Logic + Dovahzul is made to learn the spell. Any successes subtract from the thirty days it would normally take to learn the word. All other rules for learning spells apply.
Words Karma Cost
1 1 (1)
2 2 (3)
3 3 (6)
4 4 (10)

The second difference comes in casting the Thu’um. The number of words known determines the force that the Shout can be cast at and how drain is applied.
Casting uses Charisma + Thu’um skill to generate successes. Unlike normal magic the number of words known determines the maximum power that a Thu’um can be cast at.
Casting a Thu’um requires that they be able to speak clearly, and is only a simple action, but only one shout per pass is allowed.
While resisting the drain is a Willpower + Body test. The Dovahkiin or any one capable of casting thu’um have a much higher threshold before the drain affects them physically.
Drain is determined by the spell itself.
Words Maximum Force Drain as stun
Hits Equal
1 Magic Magic
2 Magic x2 Magic x1.5
3 Magic x5 Magic x2.0
4 Magic x10 Magic x5.0

Decided to take a break from creating the Thu'um to work up a lesser, though still formidable dragon for the Dovahkiin to hunt.


Origin *
The Dovahmal were created by an ancient Great Dragon, who may have been called Akatosh, in the second age, long before metahumanity arose. They were to serve as vassals and servants to the Dragons, as they served the Great Dragons.
They oversaw the lands and creatures that served as thralls to their patron, this included metahumans when they fully developed.
While most were loyal, they could not continue to serve their primary function during the third age, which caused the dragons to turn elsewhere for servants.
With the disaster of the Immortals and the Dovahkiin, and the limited lifespan of Drakes, they are still preferred.
* This has been taken from the Elder Scrolls Wikki and altered to fit into the history of Shadowrun.

Most favor Akatosh, their original creator, but they can appear as smaller versions of a true dragon. The most common appear as weastern dragons with a length of 11 meters and a wingspan of 20 meters, others are of similar size. Color and pattern follow the same guidelines as a full dragon.

Statistics (Note that these are only a guideline)

B 12
A 4
R 4
S 20
W 5
L 5
I 5
C 5
E 3
Ess 10
M 10
Move x2/x4/+4 (Flight x3/x7/+50
Reach +2
Natural Weapon: Bite/Claw DV (STR +2) AP -4

Dragons Speech, Dual Natured, Sapience, Hardened Armor (Bod), Hardened Mystic Armor (Wil), Elemental Attack, Enhanced Senses: Smell, Low Light Vision, Wide Band Hearing

Dovahzul 8, Thu’um 8, Sorcery Group 8, Conjuring Group 8, Flight 12, Exotic Ranged Weapon 8, Unarmed 8
Jareth Valar
OK, first I love Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls world. Given the fact the Earthdawn is no longer (officially) linked to Shadowrun you could definitely do worse for a 4th world than Elder Scrolls (if that is indeed what you are doing).

Now on the the meat of things.

1) Dovakin adding +1 to Magic on top of buying Magician or adept might be just a bit much for 20 points. Perhaps starting with a Magic of 1 or some other bonus if you already have a Magic attribute might be better.

Also, given the way dragon of the 6th world treat drakes I'm not sure increasing their reputation with dragons really fits. Perhaps Notoriety or the Wanted flaw would be more appropriate. Don't know on that one.

2) Skills - Having a Dovakin skill group, you should really add another active skill to it. Right now, there would be no reason to take the group, it's be more expensive. Either that or just leave them as separate skills.

3) Thu'ums - I can wrap my brain around the drain and all, but a couple of examples would help a lot. For the action requirement, perhaps 1 simple action per word shouted would be more appropriate.

4) Dovalmal - can't really see anything really out of place with this one.
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