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Full Version: blackmailing a politian
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I want to run a scenario where the runners are approached by one of the not-so-bad Seattle council members, who is being blackmailed by a lobbyist (no disclosure of details, of course) to vote in a certain way on an upcoming ACHE decision. Being the clever man he is, he asks the runners to find out who the lobbyist works for (part 1 of the run), and then to get some really good "bargaining chip for upcoming negotiations" (i.e. viable blackmail material that he can use to counter the threat) (part 2 of the run).

The "bad guy" in this scenario will be somebody associated with governor Brackhaven and also possibly HUMANIS (though that may the same anyways) and so far I've come up with the idea that this person (undecided yet whether male or female, but certainly a human) has fathered/born a child to an ork partner many years ago (the child's existence is kept as a dark secret or maybe the child died in infancy) - but I'd like a couple more ideas floating around so that I don't have to railroad the PCs to investigate just one given road.

What would be a suitable blackmail information/evidence, which:
1) the PCs (team consists of a Face, shaman, ninja and technomancer on call) can find/obtain within one week (time till voting); and
2) will be enough to stop a high profile politician from pursuing something that would be advantageous, but not crucial for them (the ACHE vote will likely be passed even without the Johnson's cooperation)?

Any ideas would be appreciated!
You've got the usual:
- Drug use
- Covering up for a crime committed by a friend/relative or himself
- Some special kinks that are not welcome in that person's circles
- One of his children has a behavior that is unacceptable in that person's circle (his daughter is dating an ork ganger for example, with the bonus effect of "do we want to ruin their happiness?"
- Was a member of a disliked organization (like Alamos 20000)

Then you've got the Shadowrun/sci-fi/magic exclusive ones:
- He's an insect spirit/shedim/free spirit/blood mage/toxic mage/mind controlling mage/shapeshifter/ghoul/vampire/ork who uses magic (or used surgery) to pass as human
- Is actually vatgrown in order to have no dark secret (except you know, being vatgrown).
- Has many dark secrets but is a technomancer and erases all traces (or a mage with mind control spells)

And finally he might have nothing good enough for the job, forcing the PC to create one, which can be fun.
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