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Full Version: Sixth World Tarot Game (Coporate Court)
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Are you wondering what to do with your Sixth World Tarot deck between shady backroom divinations in smokey sprawl bars?

Did you know that tarot decks were used to play games for centuries before anybody picked one up to do a reading?

I made a little card game that you and your chummers can play to pass the time during those long stake-outs. All you need is up to six players and a Sixth World Tarot deck (I suppose you could use a different tarot deck, but it wouldn't be as cool).

Comments welcome. Thanks!
Is the new Tarot deck out now?
QUOTE (Sendaz @ Aug 12 2016, 03:59 PM) *
Is the new Tarot deck out now?

I have a copy. Of course, I went to Gen Con and bought it there. That's kinda like cheating.
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