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Full Version: Adept Initiation and Other Questions
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Alright, I saw something in another thread here about how an adept initiating is better than a physical mage, becase the adept gets a point of power and can learn a metamagic skill, while the physical mage gets one or the other.

Is this correct? Does an adept get to learn centering or something else? And if so, what do they use that stuff for? What good is centering to an adept, or summoning, or whatever?

How do permanent spell foci work for a non-mage? If a mage sticks improved invisibility on an item, and gives it to an adept, is the adept always invisible when he holds it? Can he choose when he's invisible or not?

The way in which physical mages (or magical adepts) initiate is outlined in the FAQ. It's not as good as either mages or physical adepts, in general.

Centering for adepts is great since they can apply it to non-magical skills (see MitS for details).

It works until the focus gets deactivated (which happens if the target looses physical contact with the focus). Once that happens, the spell has to be recast into the focus for it to work again.
Kanada Ten
Adepts can use the first Centering Metamagic on Physical Skill (Stealth, Athletics, ect). Subsequent Centering can be applied to other skill groups. Sensing, Divination, Masking, Psychometry, Centering, and something else are the metamagics currently allowed for adepts.

Spell Foci do not sustain spells, Sustaining foci do. A mage must cast the spell on the subject and then move it into the focus. The focus must remain in contact with the spell's subject to function. Once the focus is removed or deactivated the spell must be recast to function.
Ummm. Adepts have it better as they can initiate to a degree and then just buy power points. More karma friendly.

Masking, Centering for adepts, cleansing (perhaps), and a couple of other metamagical techniques would work for adepts.

Only a spellcaster can turn off a sustaining focus; yes, your adept is stuck being invisible until he 1) takes it off (deactivating the spell), 2) or attacks the focus on the astral, assuming he can do that.

For more on initiation, read MitS.

A Clockwork Lime
Unfortunately, it is correct. Physical magicians get screwed big time when it comes to initiation.

As for Centering, it rocks. It allows any magician who knows it to lower target modifiers, add successes, or lower Drain. Adepts (including physical magicians) can apply it to skill groups beyond magical skills. An adept with Centering (Ranged Skills) is a pretty cool marksman. smile.gif

Not sure what you mean about "permanent spell foci" though. Are you talking about sustaining foci? Sustaining foci have to be in contact with the target of a spell even if the target isn't the spellcaster (although the focus has to be bound by and to the spellcaster). If the target ever loses contact with the focus, the spell end. Beyond that, the spellcaster has full control over the spell while it's sustaining, including shutting it down. I don't believe he even has to be present to do so.
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The point with that is that the caster is the one with the finger on the on/off switch. If you have a sustaining focus in your pocket, it's on until you put it on the table; you also have no power to turn it on or off.

Yes, I apparently meant sustaining foci. Where is this FAQ people are mentioning?
Austere Emancipator
You'll also want to be aware of the errata contained on the same site if you have books older than the very latest printings.

Here is a link to the errata section wink.gif

For the sustaining foci, it has to work in a manner such as Mage X bonds the focus and gives it to Mundane Y. Mage X casts the spell into it (and on Mundane Y) and the spell is in effect until Mage X ends it or Mundane Y is no longer in physical contact with the focus (which means that Mundane Y does have a way to end the spell). Then Mage X can recast the spell to reactivate the focus (but only Mage X).

Mage X's astral signature is also all over the focus, so you'll have to do some heavy duty bribery to get him to do the work for you, in the first place.
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