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Full Version: Starting Runner PACK
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This is a slightly customizable PACK is for players who take the E in Resources, spend 10 Karma for 20,000 more Nuyen, and try to squeeze in all of the runner essentials. There are lots of ways to do that; here is one version.

Starting Runner PACK
(26,000 Nuyen/13 Karma)

Low (1 Month prepaid).

Fake ID (Rating: 4) with Fake Gun, Concealed Carry, and Driver's Licenses (Rating: 4); 1 silver and 2 standard Certified Credsticks.

Choose one melee weapon:
>Survival Knife -OR- Extendable Baton -OR- Nuks.

Choose one ranged weapon:
>Browning Ultra-Power heavy pistol with silencer, concealable holster, 2 spare clips, 100 rounds of regular ammo, and 100 rounds of gel ammo.


>Defiance T-250 Shotgun (short-barrel version) with laser sight, 100 rounds of regular ammo, 100 rounds of explosive ammo, and 50 rounds of gel ammo.


>Ceska Black Scorpion with laser sight, suppressor, quick-draw holster, 4 spare clips, 210 rounds of regular ammo, and 70 rounds of APDS ammo.

Armor Jacket, Armor Vest, Helmet (for riding bike).

Sony Emperor Commlink with biometric reader, sim module, and trodes; Meta Link Commlink (disposable/throwaway), 1 Data Chip.

Micro-Transceiver, Tag Eraser, White Noise Generator (Rating: 6), Medkit (Rating: 3), Survival Kit, Set of Metal Restraints, Flashlight, Lugggage (good) - Backpack or Duffel Bag.

Vehicle: Yamaha Growler off-road bike.
Needs gloves and a balaclava wink.gif
SR4 Go-bag

False SIN: Rating 3 - 3000
Certified Credstick - 2500 nuyen
CMT Clip commlink running Vector Xim - 500
Folding Knife - 20
Cavalier Scout w/ Laser Sight - 475
Two Concealable Holsters (Magazines and Handgun) - 150
Suppressor - 500
Two spare magazines - 10
Thirty rounds regular ammo - 60
Armor Vest - 600
Two spare sets of clothes - 200
ScottEVest Convertible Jacket (Jacket to Vest) with a gazillion pockets- 75
Smartglasses: Rating 3 (Flare Compensation, Thermographic, Vision Magnification) - 325
Good Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Pad - 100
Motion Sensor so you can actually sleep with a bit of security from squaters - 50
Ridiculously tough rucksack with plenty of pockets - 70

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