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Full Version: Some shadowrun art
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My lawyer has advised me that unsolicited self-promotion is good for the soul ... therefore i've posted a shadow-run inspired painting for you all to sample.

Ch-check it out.

Good lord, what's wrong with his hand???
Wow, that was fast.

I had planned to give a magical glow around that hand but never got to it. Now it's kinda just like he's got RSI or something biggrin.gif
A Clockwork Lime
Except for the hand and a few minor problems with proportion, that's really nice. smile.gif Good job! I really like your style and sense of color.
It is cool. I just immediately thought that he had the old Cyberpunk 2020 BigKnucks implant (think implanted brass knuckles) or something that otherwise stretched out his hands wink.gif
Thanks, very kind of you smile.gif

You're all right about the hand, ofcourse, i'll raise it upwards in photoshop me thinks. Sometimes i like goofy cartoon proportions too much and it bites me.

"Bigknucks" is the funniest thing i've heard in a long time. Say it out loud. It's just as funny as that picture of the cybered ork in Man/Machine with 'Sweet Pickles' written on his arm.
Of course, that was also the game with the Mr. Studd cybernetic "enhancement". Sometimes I wonder about that one.
Kanada Ten
Sweet. You may want to browse the Shadowrun Amateur Art Group if you haven't already.
You have an interesting style. That's definitely some good work, aside from the aforementioned hand. I'm assuming the other general oddities of proportion are for stylized effect?
I could see the skinny legs as being his interpretation of elf physiology, which no two artists seem to agree on. The hand still makes me giggle. nyahnyah.gif

All in all, good work!
I guess i should point out that i had no concern for 'canon' when it came to this drawing ... consider it 'inspired', not illustrative. Yes, the anatomy is cartoony, his legs are skinny not to portray my idea of elven physiology, but really just for fun. I personally think locking down artists to 'conventions' when it comes to SR is just boring. I enjoy seeing different views, but i understand that's not just for everyone. One could equally argue that to define SR visually the look of it's inhabitants must be strictly controlled.

I also have an ork that i was going to post, but decided not to because he's green! I couldn't handle the backlash i'd get from that baby!
Kanada Ten
What's wrong with Chloroplast skin?
I actually like the skinny legs wink.gif

And you can play off the green skin as a "ork identity" movement thing or something wink.gif
Mr. Man
The hand with the gun makes me think of Aeon Flux (you can kind of see what I mean here).

The other one just makes me think of Carl, though.

I like the colors and shadows. It gives him kind of a "classic pulp novel cover" look (but in a good way).
Supporting this because all artists need support.

I personally think the races are open to interpertation - creative license and all, which is why I gave my dwarven self a set of very prominant tusks jutting from her lower jaw. (those of you who thought 'Katy' was an ork or a troll thought wrong. wink.gif)

Anyway, your elf is nice, and to me it looks like he's stretching his hand a bit (after a long stint drawing with the mouse i do much the same movement). I think he carries the 'half-sickly elf' look through without compromising his inherent samminess.

And before running off to the yahoo group, bear in mind that aside from me coming and going, that place has had pretty much zero activity in six months. I mean it's nice enough, but if you want to show your art, it's not the place to do it.
I like it alot, outside of the overly long forearm. The bodytype is distinctively elven, yet the shading evokes a gritter sort of feeling, thus representing the fusion that is in my mind, distinctively SR. All he needs now is a neon green mohawk wobble.gif.

As far as the hand tho, I just assume anyone with big hands in SR is a bodygaurd nyahnyah.gif

(Check out the hands of the Bodygaurd archetype in the earlier editions of SR, heh)
Hey, mate, cool pic. It sorta reminds me of the Nocker picture out of Changeling: the Dreaming, if anyone gets what I mean.
Omega Skip
Three things:

(1) In my opinion, the character's face completely steals the show - in a good way, I mean.
(2) People, check out the other images as well. No, really, Go Check Out The Other Stuff As Well.
(3) The link on your main page to Torus Games is broken. Just thought I'd point that out.
Nicely done! I see Dumpshock has itīs share of artist. I just have to post a link to my newly uploaded album on the Shadowrun Amateur Art Group.

my Shadowrun images

Drain Brain
Very good. I am no artist by any means, but I find a lot of the "single character" art in the SR books to be annoyingly cartoony. Take the drone rigger archetype in the BBB for example.

Yours, however, I find very pleasing on the eye. Despite what others have described as "cartoony" proportions, the grit and feeling of teh picture are much needed, IMHO.

So, can we convince you to do the archetype illustrations for the 4th edition? wink.gif
love your style, man.

and, by the way... is there any artist out there that DOES have any concern for canon when referencing SR?
I've yet to see Karl Scherwinski miss a strike when it comes to illustrating canon. His cover for SoE is one of my all time favorite SR illustrations and perfect in context down to the minute details most people will never get (what's the hologram in the distance? what's written on the elf's scarf and the ork's t-shirt?)
Looking through the rest of your art, it reminds me a lot of some of the cards in ChronX. Anyone play that? It's an online cyberpunk CCG, free to play with a starter pack. You only pay for registration if you want boosters/tournament play etc.
Looks pretty good. The style reminds me of some of the artwork in the Star Wars d20 stuff.
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