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Hi there!

Is there some irc server where dumpshockers chat ? I would like to discuss shadowrun stuff and the sr channels iam on are ...often silent smile.gif
I haven't been on IRC in 18 months since my son was born, but before that I ran a game for three years on IRC. We started on Undernet but eventually migrated to Dark Myst and SynIRC due to Undernet's regular stability issues.

Try #s-run @

Also, if you enjoy wikis that haven't been updated in 9 months - and who doesn't - check them out at
Acenoid, there's a new SR3-interested individual (Eadee) on #shadowland, too.
Which network?
There used to be a Dumpshock IRC:

It shut down a few years ago due to non-use, I think.

Yep, I found #shadowland on euirc already smile.gif

Too bad the dumpshock chan is dead. But maybe discord is a thing of the future eh? smile.gif
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