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Hey all -
I'm running a *heavily* modified version of SR5, and my characters are heading into what I have planned as 6-8 game sessions in a difficult arctic setting with jotun-like giants and frost shamen and such.

Anyone know of any settings or modules for SR4/5 (or 1-3 if that's all there is) that leverage a particularly frigid setting and the critters you run into there?

More information on Giants aside from "they're a bigger version of trolls" would cut down on the amount of homework I have to do for the game.

Thanks in advance!
That sounds pretty fun, let us know what you do and how it works out.

I'd also consider a Wendigo. It sounds like it'd fit the setting pretty well, and I know they're statted out.

Maybe crib off some of the GI Joe episodes involving the Iceberg character. What I remember from when the show was on in the 80's (so large grain of salt) was that GI Joe was a lot of infiltration followed by both sides shooting at each other (and mostly missing, but leave that bit out). Hopefully at least once they also put in the effort to put in some cool set-pieces. They're probably stupid, over-the-top, and ignored in favor of finishing the episode in 20 minutes, but that's just a better reason that someone should use them properly (or a close approximation).
Good call on the Wendigo, Iduno!

Oh man, Iceberg! That brings back some fun memories of back in the day. Just like any good run, knowing is half the battle!

Here's the stats I came up with for a Jotun Giant:

Body: 9/14
Agility: 1/4 Reaction: 1/4
Strength: 9/14
Willpower: 1/5
Logic: 1/6
Intuition: 1/5
Charisma: 1/6
Edge: 1/6
Jotun Racial: Cold Immunity, Severe Fire Allergy, Low-Light Vision, +2 Reach, +400% increased Lifestyle Costs

Average Jotun Thug: Body 12, Agility 3, Reaction 2, Strength 13, Willpower 2, Logic 3, Intuition 2, Charisma 3

Average Jotun Shaman: Body 10, Agility 2, Reaction 2, Strength 10, Willpower 4, Logic 3, Intuition 3, Charisma 5
Are you looking for more info on giants beyond what is in Run Faster? Because that book has a pretty good write up on them. Runners Companion (4th ed) has slightly less but still gives some good info. Beyond those 2 sources, there really isn't much more. 3rd ed basically just said they were taller trolls and made a note that 1 in 4 female giants is a reversion (that is, rather than the giant mother giving birth to a giant, they instead have a human). This only happens with females. There apparently are no male reversions.

The 4th ed book, Hazard Pay covers adventuring in all sorts of hostile environments, including the Arctic and Antarctic so you may want to see if you can find that one. It also lists some cold weather gear and weapons that may be useful.
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