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Full Version: Sleep Spell
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The topic of Sleep spells came up and while we do have the classic 'Stun them 'til they are out cold' spells like Stunbolt and such, some folk do crave an alternative.

One concept I thought of was lifting from the toxin rules with Sleep being an effect, and we have the following:

Manipulation (Mental)
Type: M Range: LOS
Duration: I (Special) Drain: F 1
Speed: Immediate
Penetration: N/A
Power: Force
Effect: Unconsciousness

Mists of Morpheus
Manipulation (Mental)
Type: M Range: LOS (A)
Duration: I (Special) Drain: F +2
Speed: Immediate
Penetration: N/A
Power: Force
Effect: Unconsciousness

When hit by the Sleep spell the target rolls Body + Willpower + any counterspelling/spell defense(if applicable);
each hit reduces the spell's Power by 1 point.
If the Power is reduced to zero, the spell has no effect;
Otherwise, the target falls unconscious for 1 minute per Power of spell after resistance test.
Note: The spell is not sustained, but rather the duration of sleep is how long it takes for the body to shake off the initial effects on it's own.
Unconscious creatures are prone, unaware and helpless. Slapping or wounding awakens an affected creature, but normal noise does not.
Takes 1 Complex action to awaken a sleeping party, usually by shaking or repeatedly slapping said victim.
Woken up victims will be drowsy and befuddled, so will need 1 CT to come around a bit more and still can not act.
The following Combat Turn the victim can now act, but will still suffer a -2 to all actions, after which they can act normally.

Note: Considered allowing Power to be Force + hits on the original spellcasting, but early testing makes me believe it would probably be too OP since you get the full KO effect if it even has 1 Power left after resisting.

Drain is 2 pts higher than equivalent combat spells, but figured it's a fair tradeoff for the effect and to still keep the Stun family spells a viable alternative.


Edit: Feedback so far includes:
Ditch the 1 CT of no action after waking up which seems fair. Trying to simulate the whole waking up still groggy thing, but maybe just use the -2 that CT for the effect.
Sustaining. It is mental, so probably should be sustained, but then why not just use Control Actions and save designing a new spell.
May just reskin Orgasm to do a sleep spell with, but still tinkering.
Maybe a surprise test to act upon awaking before elapsed time - none if out for duration and can then act normally.

Also, I'd just have it be as though the victim is in regular sleep if trying to awaken, so noise may have an effect, not like trying to awaken someone who is sleep deprived.

OR, these 2 suggestions are for spells with a lower drain code.
In my opinion, this is over-powered as currently written.

I would recommend using "Turn to Goo" from Street Grimoire as a starting point, as it is the nearest equivalent for instantly knocking someone out. Do not use Petrify from Shadow Spells, which is also overpowered (but still not as overpowered as your starting point).

Adjustments to make, in order of importance (most to least)

1) No AoE version
2) require the net hits to exceed a threshold set by the target, like Willpower
3) have it be sustained
4) higher drain (F + 2)

Even then it's still going to be very powerful since you're targeting an Attribute that can't be easily augmented. The GM's best curb on this will be the magician's action economy, which is why it's important for there not to be an AoE version of the spell. Otherwise you're looking a magician spending a handful of reagents and one point of Edge to waste the opposition. Or they'll just summon a Spirit of Man and it do the casting.
i'd probably have it work more like the orgasm spell, personally.
QUOTE (Jaid @ May 23 2017, 12:45 AM) *
i'd probably have it work more like the orgasm spell, personally.

Yeah the feedback on the other places agreed with your idea with reskinning orgasm and it seems the better way to go without being OP.
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