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Full Version: State of the Art ADL (Germany gadgets book)
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Sascha Morlok
Last weekend saw the release of the new German book "State of the Art ADL" with gives players a good number of new toys to play with.

To give you an overview:
1 new Holdout
4 new Heavy Pistols
2 new Machine Pistols
3 new SMGs
3 new Assault Rifles (one of which is convertible to Assault Rifle, Carbine, LMG and Sniper Rifle)
2 new Sniper Rifles
4 new Shotguns
1 new Assault Cannon

Vehicles & Drones:
2 new Bikes
9 new Cars/Vans
1 new Hovercraft (Public Transport)
4 new Aircrafts
2 new Minidrones
4 Small Drones
4 Medium Drones
4 Large Drones
1 Anthro-Drone

Gear + 'ware:
2 new pieces of Cybersuites
3 new Commlinks
2 new Cyberdecks
2 new Drugs
3 new lines of High-Fashion Armor (one with 2 Suits + 2 Coats, the other two with one Suit + Coat each) and none of them has this weird wireless Dicepool bonus
3 pieces of Urban Brawl (fan) armor + Helmet

10 new Mentor Spirits
9 new Magical Societies
6 new magical Traditions
1 new type of Shifter (Seal)

8 new Paracritters
4 new Paraplants

6 new Archetypes (like those in the Core Rulebook or Run Faster)
2 new Negative Qualities
20 new Life modules (not exactly AGS-specific( e.g. Anarchist Brat, Religious Upbringing, Car Duelist) so they can be used elsewhere easily)
Lots of Fluff

If you can handle the language barriere grab a copy at:
Got it biggrin.gif

There are some nice weapons although most of them are less effective damagewise than there core counterparts (except for the new hold out and the autopistols - those are real killers). Also the new Altmeier shotgun screams dual-wielding death dealer biggrin.gif

And I just noticed that the PROTEUS-ELEKTROPODE isn't actually a magical critter, so technically it is viable for the critter form and shapechange spells. Moderate body and otherwise high stats make this a damn effective form in underwater combat.

The jay mentor spirit's drawback is a bit of a joke (you have to distribute your loot/payment over different accounts/rooms
Fox is amazing for adepts with 2 points of combat sense but is a fucking psycho (has to roll Will+Int to avoid killing downed opponents)
Wild Hunt turns an adept into a berserker but is drawn to create collateral damage

The new comlinks are a bit shit as they are overpriced underpowered and their gimmicks can be duplicated cheaper with other gear.
The new cyberdecks are on the contrary are cheaper and more powerful than their core counterparts (the German writers really missed an opportunity to give riggers some love with new RCCs)
It also has detailed descriptions how to put together your Karl Kombatmage cosplay outfit (no, not making this up).
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (hermit @ Jun 1 2017, 12:48 PM) *
It also has detailed descriptions how to put together your Karl Kombatmage cosplay outfit (no, not making this up).

Now I wish that I could read German. frown.gif
Let's see:

schwarze Cargohose/black cargo pants
dunkles Hemd/dark shirt
drei Einsatzgürtel von Natoshi/three mission belts by Natoshi
SWAT-Stiefel von Ruhrmetall, die schwarz eingesprüht und mit Lederbändern umwickelt wurden/SWAT boots by Ruhrmetall, painted black and wrapped with leather cords
Mortimer of London Crimson-Sky-Mantel (Kreuzfeuer, S. 58), färbt ihn um, lasst einen roten Stehkragen und rote Bänder drannähen und appliziert ihn mit Accessoires einer ausgeschlachteten Bikerpanzerung/Mortimer of London Crimson-Sky-Coat, recolor it, add a red a stand-up collar and red ribbons, also add accessoires of a cannibalized biker armor
ein umgefärbtes Hermes Ikon (SR5, S. 442) mit einer zusätzlichen Diode am vorderen Ende/a recolored Hermes Icon commlink with an additional diode at the front
Die Tasche ist eine Panzertasche (Kreuzfeuer, S. 70) von Ruhrmetall Sicherheitstechnik./The bag is a armored bag by Ruhrmetall Security Tech
Ingram Smartgun X (SR5, S. 430) mit abgenommenem Schalldämpfer und integriertem Kommlink zur Stimmaktivierung./Ingram Smartgun X with removed silencer and integrated commlink for voice activation
Das Schwert ist ein einfaches Katana (SR5, S. 425) mit etwas Muster auf der Klinge und einem ziemlich gebraucht aussehenden Griff./The sword is a simple Katana with a pattern on the blade and a used looking grip.
Wenn ihr den Effekt [als Waffenfokus] nachmachen wollt, setzt ein paar LEDs an den Griff, die die Klinge bestrahlen./If you want to recreate the effect [of the weapon focus], put some LED on the grip which highlight the blade.

Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Thanks Jack_Spade. smile.gif cool.gif

Awesome Tutorial. smile.gif

Sadly, Mein Readen and understanden of ze German is uber Underwhelmen and veren closen to nein existen. smile.gif
Sascha Morlok
What are you interested in, maybe Lokii, heremit and I can help you.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (Sascha Morlok @ Jun 2 2017, 07:50 AM) *
What are you interested in, maybe Lokii, heremit and I can help you.

I have no German Books, per se, but always wanted to read them because they get such cool toys. smile.gif
Nothing of great concern, though. Thanks Sascha Morlok.
Whew, having been volunteered I was worried for a second you would take him up on the offer. biggrin.gif
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (lokii @ Jun 2 2017, 08:55 AM) *
Whew, having been volunteered I was worried for a second you would take him up on the offer. biggrin.gif

Well, if you are up to that challenge. smile.gif
No worries though. smile.gif
Is there a good (and free) piece of translator software that would make this accessible to us sadly limited English only readers? Is Google Translate going to throw out gibberish? Reluctant to spend cash on something where I can just look at the pictures nyahnyah.gif
Sascha Morlok
I think the rough translation of Google Translate is most helpful if you already know the language a bit. It certainly won't produce a text that is enjoyable to read. (And I don't think even commercial machine translation software will perform much better.) Maybe just try it with these texts. Put the German translation into Google Translate and compare the result to the original:


google translate usually does very poorly with grammar. the words are usually all there, just not necessarily in the right order. and of course, idiomatic expressions won't get translated properly.

but RPG books tend to use a lot of jargon... i would expect google translate to really struggle with that.
all the right words just not in the right order.

I couldn't help myself
I know contractually they cannot re-publish in English...

But when the licensing for Shadowrun comes up for renewal I'd rather see it go to Pegusus Press and they sub-license an american publisher to put out an english translated version of their work...

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