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Full Version: Adventures and Modules involving Megacorp Headquarters
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I was wondering if there has been published adventures or modules involving doing a run on one of the megacorps buildings in Downtown Seattle, the Aztech Pyramid in particular. Any edition would do. I have created some runs before for 2nd edition going in the pyramid, but I didnt have any access to sourcebooks or adventures back then, and there were fun but a bit too easy. I would just like to check some of the modules out for ideas. If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
The obvious answer would be Renraku arcology Shutdown, although the metaplot elements of that are rather different than runs against the Azzies' various pieces of real estate. On this list:, you'll find the published adventures, and find links to a summary of most of them.
At least one of the Seattle books (probably New Seattle) has information on how many troops they have stationed there, how many floors it has, and probably an idea what is on each floor. I'll check when I get back to my books.

I remember (as well as I remember anything) the number of Leopard or Jaguar guard being on the order of 1,000, which seems kind of ridiculous.

Between that and information from Renraku, you can get a good idea of what to expect.
Thanks, I found that it's the Seattle Sourcebook from 1st edition, thanks. I figure once a team gets past the first nine floors, all security devices have to be rating 4 at least. Not too mention all the wards and spirits as additional security measures in the rest of the pyramid.
If you're good with going old school, there's always the Aztlan source book for reference material.

Brainscan will give you a lot of statted, albeit 3rd edt layouts and people like the Arcology book will. Survival of the Fittest also has a run on a corp HQ if I recall correctly. Wuxing I think. Corporate Punishment has a run on a Delta clinic. Again not Azzie specific but good for guide lines. Newer, Horizon- Columbian Subterfuge will have more Azzie specific stuff, although it's more military than corp HQ.
Thanks, that will help me out with some future ideas I have for my campaign.
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