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White Collar
Military school
Military academy
UCAS TOD - medic
Mercenary TOD - medic
Street Doc
Age 31, 230 Karma left

Question, with these choices got bio skill group at +8 Now the rules mention skills cap at 7 I assume groups do also. However do you have to take Natural Aptitude in the skills? even if they are at 7?

Heh, don't know if this set of choices are even viable with the karma I have left. Haven't done the math yet.
Run Faster Pg 65.
Note that no active skill may be raised above 7 in this system. If a module is selected that would raise an active skill above 7, the module can be selected, but ranks in a skill over 7 are lost. Knowledge skills can be raised to a maximum of 9. If a skill group is selected but previous selections have made skills in the group have different value, simply add one rank to each skill in the group.
OP, you uh, got a little over excited pressing the post button didn't you. wink.gif
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