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Has anyone did something for pets with karma or nuyen.gif ?

You may or may not be able to teach it tricks but it follows you around and or stays in your pad?

That you could start with?
Howling Shadows has rules for this on p. 183-6.

Over the years I have had two players with pets and a third who (as of last night) wants to try it. One of them was an adept whose attunement with his border collie was a core part of the character concept. (Hi, pbangarth! Actually, nevermind. He hasn't been on in 5 months.)

The attunement did cost karma since it was an adept ritual (Street Grimoire, p. 123) but for your average character who just wants a pet, karma isn't necessary. There is an upfront nuyen cost for the pet, plus an ongoing lifestyle cost for feeding and housing the pet. I'm not seeing rules for this in Howling Shadows so you could fall back on SR4's Running Wild (p.39-40). Or, if the pets are mundane, just Google up some average costs and convert dollars to nuyen.
I had an Enemy NPC Mystic Adept set up shop with a bunch of attuned ravens. They were imbued with qi-foci that allowed him to have the ravens sustain spells for him.

It was a pretty neat set up - the PCs had to figure out that killing the ravens would get rid of the guy's buffs.
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