Hi all.

Inspired to post again by the recent "Run Fiction" post.

Here is a link to my run fiction / journal / write up, for my team of 6 intrepid starting characters.

We are playing SR3, and play one night a week, normally from around 19:00 - 21:30. It's a bit of a short session, but some people have to get trains home and are somewhat constrained. Some nights we don't feel like we get a lot done - but I guess that's the risk when your group transitions to being parents and such like, and life gets in the way.

All characters were created with the build point rules from the SR3 Companion, and 125 points available.
All were told that at the start of the campaign, they would find themselves captured, and most probably would have no toys, and may not be able to get their toys back - it wasn't going to be fudged for them. So, they were encouraged to take less in the way of resources, and concentrate more on skills and contacts.

The team consists of:
Kai, team leader, a phys-add from Mongolia with lots of social skills and high charisma, a background in smuggling and art theft.
Aswon, phy-add sharpshooter, a tribal warrior from Nigeria with implanted Lions teeth, quickened tattoos for Gecko crawl and a willingness to try new things
Marius, a rigger from Saeder-Krupp, whose chopper was shot down. A practical German with a concealed body compartment that let him keep his sat-phone and a bit of starting cash which helped a great deal
Hunter, an English ork with a background in information gathering and a slew of non-combat cyberware that have all kinds of uses, such as his internal air tank, and pop-out extra eyes installed in the back of his hands.
Shimazu, a Japanese bodyguard, another physical adept, he's all about the fast reactions and a master with a sword. Shame he started the game without one, really....
and finally, Tadibya, a Nennet tribeswoman from northern Russia, wandering the land. An elk shaman, with enchanting and talismongering, survival and other back-to-land type skills.

We've been playing since December last year, and have just completed game session 26. Starting in the foothills between Azerbaijan, Georgia and Chechnya, the team have headed down through Iraq, and across most of the country, then up into Turkestan and have just hit Tashkent. They're just embarking on their third job, a raid on an Atlantean / DIMR search team who have uncovered a 9th century tomb....

I publish the weeks run via my facebook profile (kren cooper, if anyone wants to see), but have decided to start publishing the amalgamated story as well as a pdf when I can).


Comments, criticisms and ideas all very welcome