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Full Version: Research question
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On a FB SR fanpage, there was talk about mecha, I had an old memory dredged up and I don't have the books anymore that have the reference. In one of the early, FASA published books, there was a fluff blurb about BattleTech being a popular game in the 6th World. Anyone have a book/page reference?

Thanks in advance
I know about one source for BattleTech existing in the Sixth World, though it doesn't say if it's partircularly popular or not.
Seattle Sourcebook, page 39

Pacific Science Center (#57 Downtown)
East Mercer Street & Harvard Avenue/Dr. James Omalanz, Director/No Racial Bias/LTG# 206 (52-3657).
The Pacific Science Center, with its white arches and shallow reflecting pools, is a graceful structure. The building is host to traveling science and culture exhibits, as well as permanent exhibits on mathematics, physics, medicine, and magic. There are many interactive displays, including a device that allows children to jack in the city's Matrix. other draws include a planetarium, a BattleTech Arena, and an Omnidome trideo theater.
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