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Full Version: Negative Health Spells
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In Shadow Spells, it says about Negative Health Spells "cause a Magic+Spellcasting [force] damage resisted by the subject's body (+ counterspelling if applicable)". Which is fine and all.

Then none of the spells work that way, I think?

Some have their own details on damage. Others look like they don't do damage -- in fact Nauseate specifies that it doesn't cause damage. But Nauseate counts net hits, while Dehydrate only takes effect if it is unresisted.

Which leads to two questions:

1) should the mention of damage in the preamble to the health spells section in SS be ignored?
2) Would nausea and dehydrate be looking at a magic+spellcasting versus body test, or some other defense test?

(this might have been a better question for the official boards, but since they've been more down than up lately, trying here)
Specific trumps general rules.

as long as there is no other defense test mentioned (like in decrease attribute) you use body to resist. Likewise you do damage unless specified otherwise.
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