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Is there a place to post char concepts for people to comment on?
QUOTE (Savar @ Jul 13 2017, 06:42 PM) *
Is there a place to post char concepts for people to comment on?

Yeah... here! smile.gif

Now being serious, posting here is good. You'll get people to pick apart your character like nobody's business. smile.gif

We'll do this in all good fun and to help you make a better character.
A lot of people have posted characters here for review/feedback/advice. Some general advice on posting a character: let people know what edition and character creation system you are using, and a breakdown (what points/priorities went where) helps reviewers. Also let people know about house rules or the GM's play-style, if relevant. If we know your GM gives everyone +2 Attribute points, people won't say "You figured out your Attribute points wrong." If we know your GM never bothers rolling social skills, people won't say "Your character desperately needs at least a few points of etiquette." Also, when you let people know what you are trying to do with a build, they will be able to give you more focused advice.
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