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Full Version: Spirit contacts
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Two characters I am working on, I am contemplating having spirit contracts.

1st is an Ex-DocWagon employee that wants to start a street clinic/ veterinarian spot. This char would want to be able to ask the spirit if the patient they are working on is awakened. Any suggestions as to what type.

2nd is a Technomancer and for weirdness was thinking about an Airwaves or Energy spirit. Would one of these be better then the other?
For the first it shouldn't matter. They all have assensing so they can identify things astrally. If the character is a vet, perhaps a spirit of beasts?

For the second, I hope you have a good back story as to why a wild spirit is acting as a contact for a technomancer. Assuming this is true, I don't think one or the either is any better. They are supposed to be treated as NPCs by the gm so they will have their own agendas and I imagine they could be rather odd compared to a normal contact.
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