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Full Version: Shop vs Facility
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Noticed in 5th ed. You can buy a facility.

+1000 for workspace a month.
Would this work space be enough for a facility?

If a player char wanted to be a street doc.

Shop or facility?
Would shop be clinic and facility be hospital?

I think the descriptions (medical, as per your question) are something like:

Kit: Limited-use but wide variety of medicines and bandages. First-aid kit
Shop: Expanded selection above what's in a first aid kit, plus probably a table to work on. Probably for a single type of use (dentistry, bullet removal and stitching, cybereyes and ears, probably not organ replacement). Office (single room) sized.
Facility: full clean surgery set-up, diagnostic areas, etc. Clinic or Hospital.

Shop or facility space would depend on where they live. A larger warehouse could reasonably fit a facility, a normal apartment/storage garage would be shop-sized. Depending on what type of street doctoring the player wanted to do, a facility would probably fit best.

Hopefully that helps, or at least leads you down the right path.
In SR4 they defined medical kits, shops and facilities as a variation on the basic medkit. A clinic or hospital based kit was called a medical station. Several might be in a hospital or a single one might be in an ambulance. A shop was good enough to provide an 8 dice bonus to trained people using it (untrained gain no bonus) and a facility gave you 10 dice. They were only portable in the sense you could move them but you wouldn't carry them around. A clinic or hospital would consist of several stations, shops or facilities if it was high end but a street clinic might consist of just a single medical shop and a third world hospital might be no more than several medical stations in a single location.
That may help.
Hmm need the commercial mod of 8000 then frown.gif
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