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Full Version: Securetech Armour
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Securetech is easier to conceal than that other line of armour in the BBB, and costs less. Isn't the other line kind of redundant, then? Am I missing something?
Securetech cannot accept armor mods. That's the main diff from what I see.
Hmm, the armor mods from CC? I'll go check it out. Thanks.

Then again, for those without the CC?

Edit: Yep, see it. Thanks guys.
I think that's pretty much it.

There's no pattern to the Securetech clothing. I have tried and failed to find one.

Here's the list of differences between standard and secure.

Secure Clothing: +2 conceal, -.5 kg, +1 avail, -50 nuyen, -.1 SI
Secure Jacket: +3 conceal, +1 kg, +1 avail, -50 nuyen, +.05 SI
Secure Vest: +3 conceal, -.25 kg, +1 avail, -25 nuyen, +.1 SI
Secure Ultra-Vest: +4 conceal, -1 ballistic, +.5 kg, -250 nuyen, -.1 SI
Secure Long Coat: +2 conceal, +1 kg, +1 avail, -50 nuyen, +.15 SI

I think the Secure Ultra Vest is meant to be like the armor vest with plates, so that's what I compared it to.
A Clockwork Lime
Why would there be a pattern? It's a custom name-brand line of unique armor only similar in effect to standard body armor. It's never been intended to be a standard modification or anything of the sort, hence its own listings in the book.
In generel the securetech armor is heavier than the normal, which can be bad if you a very low strength
And leave encumbrance the way it is, which I think we've agreed might be a bad idea.
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