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Full Version: Life style mod
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Okay troll +100% incress in lifestyle cost. Food, clothing, equipment to be used, get all that. How about ammo, and accessories?

Adding image link to glasses?
Getting reloads for the gun?
Just use common sense. You have to cuz the writers didn't. If it is something that would need to be bigger because of the troll's size, then sure, increase the price. Otherwise leave it as is. The bullets for his gun aren't going to be any bigger and image link on his glasses is just software with a little display. No need to upsize.
as i recall, the lifestyle cost increase is intended to reflect all of the other stuff too. it's annoying to track the cost of every little thing and always have to ask whether it needs to be desgined for a troll-sized person, so you just pay extra lifestyle costs and carry on with playing.
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