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Would this drone be covered by a medical lic?

DocWagon make drones? If so has anyone seen what they might call this drone?
I would say the drone was not covered by medical license. But it is the GMs call.

I am not aware of any DocWagon branded drones, but Bullets and Bandages, page 23, has the Aeroquip M.E.D.-1 “Dustoff” Medical Evacuation Drone (Large Aerial Drone) that has a Crash Cart variant listed (the Airlift).

In CGL style, it states it has a Valkyrie module and yet isn't list in its standard upgrade section, so you will need to get GM sign off on that.

EDITed to add:
Rigger 5.0 has the Crash Cart "Medicart" on page 142. It is a large ground craft with "jaws of life" style tools to breech barriers to get to the patients.
This drone is from bullets and bandages it has a built in medkit 4.

That is why I was asking about the medic lic. I think it is restricted because it has armor.
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