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With two parents that work for DocWagon it was a pretty good clue that was who I was going to work for. I was smart and got along with people and I didn't show any magic ability, so medic training I started. I was good at it, I also discovered I was god with animals and I started taking extra classes for animal handling and healing. Then life went sideways, it was discovered I had a talent called technomancy. The Corp was excited I got used as a guinea pig a lot. I got trained on a bunch of matrix stuff and I was used in a lot of experiments for the matrix security division. I became a disappointment as my abilities didn't work in the current procedural system for matrix security. The medical side was uncomfortable around me now as my abilities still were not fully understood. As I didn't fit into the system I pensioned to open an independent practice, I don't know why but it was accepted.
So I am out on my own with my cloths commlink and some equipment, sitting in a greasy spoon drinking a soycaf trying to think of how I was going to get the money for a clinic or find a clinic that will accept me as I look like a DocWagon reject, what I am. When someone in nice clothing comes in with a couple bodyguards sits near me and orders lunch. I am still sitting there 15 mins later when some other suits walk in, they just open up at the guy and his guards. As I am hitting the floor I am pulling out my small kit. When the firing stops, I pop my head up and look and see the guy, looked pretty cute before his chest had become Swiss cheese, laying on the floor blood oozing out. “I’m a medic” I called to his bodyguards as start looking my way. I scurry over to the guy and start working on him, well Jimmy lived.
Later the next day one of the bodyguards that had been with him found me and said Jimmy wanted to see me. He wanted a date after he recovered. Later at the date he talked about his job and I talked about what I wanted to do. Knowing the area he gave me some pointers on a place to live a condo that was over an open store front that I could rent. He also offered a loan if I needed it.
I rented the nice condo and store front. The store had an old vid screen that wasn't hooked up to anything that would play old movie and show clips. Took me awhile to realize it was a spirit in there. I talked to it some, bargained with it for help. One of the things I would do as part of my bargain I got a tattoo on my right shoulder and I put a patch on my clothing over top of that spot of the emblem that is his. He wanted to be called Bogart.
I purchased a medical drone with some upgrades I called him Egor.
I still talk to a friend from DocWagon I can sometimes order extras from.
I ended up having to take a loan out from Jimmy’s people to get the facilities I need for my clinic/hospital.
After I started getting the place set up I was visited by the local gang, we came to a limited agreement he didn't cause troubles I would see his people of the record, I think that by that point he knew Jimmy was see me so it was easy to take my limited bargain.
As a suggestion of my boyfriend I picked up a self defence gun, and started to learn to use it.

Name Karla
GM: looking
Method: Basic

Race E Human (1)
Attribute B 20
Magic/Resonance C Resonance 3 / (3) Complex Forms
Skills A 46/10
Resources 1 50000¥

Bod 2
Agi 2
Rea 2
Str 2
Wil 5
Log 5
Int 5
Cha 5

Edg 2 (+1 karma): 3
Ess 6
Res 3 (+1 from human): 4
Living Persona
+ Attack 5
+ Data Processing 5
+ Device Rating 4
+ Firewall 5
+ Sleaze 5
Complex Forms
+ Resonance Channel
+ Stitch
+ Transcendent Grid

Initiative: 7+1D6
Matrix Initiative: 10+4D6

Mental [(LogX2)+Int+Wil]/3(rnd up): 7
Physical [(StrX2)+Bod+Rea]/3(rnd up): 3
Social [(ChaX2)+Wil+Ess]/3(rnd up): 7

Animal empathy -3
Black market pipeline -10 Betty
College education -4
Limited corporate SIN +15 DocWagon
In debt +10 50000¥
Cash 14000 -7
Skills -4
Edge -15
Contacts -7

Free knowledge/language 2×(Log+Int) 20 +4
English N
Biotech 6 (G6)
Cracking 5 (G4 +1 to 3 skills)
Electronics 5 (3 skills @ 5)
Tasking 5 (3 skills @ 5)
Animal handling 6
Handguns 1
Academic (half cost)
Biology 6
Parabiology 6
Parazoology 6
Zoology 6
DocWagon medical practices 6
DocWagon matrix security 4
Veterinarian practices 4
Seattle (org crime of boyfriend) 2 (karma)
Medical black market 1 (karma)

Free contracts (Cha×3) 15 + 7 karma
(3/4) Bogart: Force 4 Wild Airwave spirit w/spirit mark 3 - lives in clinic in broken down vid screen
(3/4) Jimmy: Org crime lieutenant - boyfriend
(2/3) Betty: DocWagon shipping manager [Black market pipeline]
(3/1) Biff: Gang boss - the address my clinic is in.

Equipment: Cash 1205+(4D6×100¥)
Lifestyle: Medium 5000 + commercial 8000 (1 month)

Transys Avalon 6 5,000
Sim Module 100
Lic. Medical
Lic. Conceal carry
Reg. Technomancer
Trodes 70

Antique Vid screen 200

Armored clothing 6/2 450
Lined coat 9/4 900

Defiance EX Shocker w/ internal smartlink 500

Glasses 4 400
Flare compensation 250
Image link 25
Smartlink 2000
Thermographic 500

Med Kit 2 400
Med Kit 4 1,600
Med Kit 6 3,600

Caduceus 7 <need DocWagon name> “Egor”
PILOT 2 (4 3200) (personality 100)
(Medicine 4 2000)
SEN 1 (6 12,000)
COST 16,500 (+17300)
Be careful with the In Debt quality. In a campaign with low cash rewards, having to pay at least 7,500 Nuyen a month, to avoid getting unhealable (until you pay up) damage, can be a serious detriment.

You have 4 listed for Attributes, but I only see 20 points spent on them -Attributes should be 3.
QUOTE (Glyph @ Jul 25 2017, 09:20 PM) *
Be careful with the In Debt quality. In a campaign with low cash rewards, having to pay at least 7,500 Nuyen a month, to avoid getting unhealable (until you pay up) damage, can be a serious detriment.

You have 4 listed for Attributes, but I only see 20 points spent on them -Attributes should be 3.

Oops Attributes should be 3 and resources should be 1 fixed

Sigh, I know about the In Debt issue, it would have to depend on the campaign. However that was going to be the driving force behind why she would go running or support runners. Also the 13,000 for monthly lifestyle.
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