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Full Version: [SR4] - Essence and Magic loss e.g. via infection/cyberware/etc.
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Hi Fellas,

i cannot remember if it was a discussion here on DS, or if it was information from an official sourcebook. The topic was about essence- and corresponding magic loss of characters with variable essence (infected, e.g. Vampires, etc.). IIRC there was a rule that says, that you do not lose magic, as long as the essence + initiate grade is higher than your actual magic attribute. Can somebody tell me where i can find this topic? That would be great.

Background information: we might be running into Ghouls in one of the next runs and i need to know if the essence loss that "might" occur, will influence my magic rating or not AND if you could use this rule alternatively e.g. to „spent“ an point of essence for cyberware.

Actual attribute ratings are:

Essence: 6
Magic: 8
Initiate grade: 3

Thank you

Pg 77 of Runners Companion under the Magic and Essence heading.
I personally thought the actual wording of those rules was rather confusing. Infected are banned as PCs at our table, but here's what I recommend as a very simple solution.

You don't permanently lose Magic - at all - no matter what your current Essence Score is. You do, however, temporarily lose Magic if your Essence rating falls lower than your Magic rating. So if you have Magic 6, and your Essence drops down to 4, you're reduced to Magic 4 until you raise your Essence up. Get up to Essence 5, regain Magic 5. Get back to Essence 6, and you're back to your normal Magic 6.

I'd say that's a simpler solution than the official one, and doesn't screw over the player, forcing them to constantly spend Karma repurchasing lost levels of Magic.
QUOTE (JanessaVR @ Aug 7 2017, 01:23 PM) *
Infected are burned as PCs at our table, but here's what I recommend as a very simple solution.

Fixed that for ya. wink.gif
QUOTE (Sendaz @ Aug 8 2017, 07:17 AM) *
Fixed that for ya. wink.gif

Indeed, that's true! They say there's no cure for HMHVV, but fire has a 100% success rate! smile.gif
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