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Full Version: Chummer SR4 - Chummer Character Sheet Redesigned
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Kilarith Duskleaf

• "Chummer Character Sheet Redesigned" is simply a modified version of the Chummer character sheets. It also includes full French sheets and updated translation files.
• The archive contains a "sheets" and a "lang" folder to combine with the ones in your Chummer installation folder and two fonts to install on your machine.
• Spirit/Sprite sheets have also been added as stripped-down versions of the full character sheets.

Download it here: CCSR v1.4


> Check out my character sheet!

It is in french, but the sheets are also available in english. Feel free to send me images of your english sheets so I can add them as examples!


I have not fully tested the sheet, so please inform me of any bugs or issues you may have. I will be happy to update the design.

Note : I have tested the result in Firefox only. it should work great on Chrome and possibly Safari/Opera (Not sure); but I would be surprised if there are no glitches on IE or Edge... Thank Microsoft .


• V1.0 - Initial Upload
• v1.1 - Added translations files ("lang" folder with some corrections and missing translations (still a few, so if anyone has Running Wild or Unwired in French, please, tell me).
• v1.2 - Preview fixed thanks to chummer5isalive.
• v1.3 - All Spirit/Sprite sheets fixed.
• v1.4 - Translation fixed thanks to bannockburn.
Kilarith Duskleaf

The character sheet looks awesome, but your link for the program is not leading to the right place.
Looking good, I'll download it once it's possible and give you some feedback.
Thanks for putting in the effort smile.gif
Kilarith Duskleaf
Well, well, well... there WAS a problem. Sorry about that, should be all fixed now!
Seems to work fine so far!
Is the graphic you used for the mugshot native with the hex-border or is it a feature of the character sheet?
Kilarith Duskleaf
The image is something I did in Photoshop.
If you are not great with images, I would suggest asking for help (if you PM me an image, I can whip something up for you however you like it).

As the character image in general, there are a few details I should explain:
• I completely bypassed the default image size restrictions, so you can (and should) put an image of any size you want (I'd say a 300x500px image should be a minimum).
• The way the image is positioned is a css background "contain" property. But in layperson's terms, it tries to fill up the available space without transforming the image. So try for something in portrait, it should work best.

I've found a minor translation error:


I'm guessing that you mean either "extension" or "contents".
I've already adjusted the Shadowrun 4 Base.xlst, just wanted to let you know about this smile.gif

Kilarith Duskleaf
And it's fixed! thanks a lot!
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