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Full Version: "Moves" - a Shadowrun Novella
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Synopsis: a charming ork scammer gets in way over his head in Chicago.


Moves - A Shadowrun Novella
Saved a copy, I'll read it later. Thanks!
Prime Mover
Long time SR fanatic, somtime writer and father of a son with Cystic Fibrosis. About halfway through the story and had to stop to post. Opening gets me right in the feels, story has me hooked and flavor is dead on.

Read a lot of shadowrun fiction over past few decades and it comes in two flavors for me, space out and loose interest or can't put down. Put this firmly in latter category.
Kren Cooper
Great story there - really enjoyed reading it through. Loved the characters, and may well have to enhance my players RP experience with some of these themes... wink.gif
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