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Full Version: The seeds of real life HTR teams
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Found this while skimming news articles :
Hey, it's DocWagon! Public, not corporate, but still.

QUOTE (Tecumseh @ Oct 6 2017, 01:17 PM) *
Hey, it's DocWagon! Public, not corporate, but still.


More like DocWagon medics and Lone Star Gunners, but still the same concept. The only thing they didn't mention in the article was if they had bullet resistant shields to protect the medics from the shooter(s).
Probably not...

This time.
Like the article says, the concept of police actually doing police stuff instead of just rerouting traffic around the scene of a shooting dates back to the aftermath of Columbine...sending in medics along sounds like the logical next step.

BTW, according to Missions HTR teams work with a similar division of labor: Some guys secure the scene (the PCs in that module), others care for the patient -- I mean, customer. biggrin.gif
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