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Thinking of a background.

Char was born some time in 2058.
His parents were wage slaves to a mega corp.
He showed an aptitude for computers at a vary young age, ?otaku?
The corp started doing some tests on him.
The crash happened.
His parent's fearing the corps interest in the child, took the opportunity and ran in the chaos.
They fell into the shadows, making a living on the fringes supporting others that live in the shadows.
As time progresses he discovers he is or has become a Technomancer.

How ever the biggest problem I have is what would be a good corp to use for the back story?
As an otaku? Off hand I can't think of one.

As a technomancer? Horizon or MCT would be the most likely two. MCT especially if this character was in the FRFZ around 2070.
The biggest problem I see is that technomancers don't exist before the second crash. But that puts them at 11 or younger for 5th ed let alone 4th. With the Otaku to Technomancer quality it seems that some of the otaku become technomancers. So looking at years it gets messed up.

Thank you SpellBinder.
As for the age of the character, I don't think you have to be born a technomancer, you turned into one by being in the matrix during the second crash.
QUOTE (Iduno @ Nov 4 2017, 08:10 PM) *
As for the age of the character, I don't think you have to be born a technomancer, you turned into one by being in the matrix during the second crash.
Unwired, page 130; character post in response to something technophobe Clockwork said:

> One very important point that needs to be made here is that not all technomancers were “created” by the Crash. Take me, for example. I was hiking in the mountains when the Crash hit, and didn’t even hear about until a few days afterward. Before my Emergence, I never met an AI, never saw a ghost in the machine, never had a run in with Black IC—heck, I never even hacked anything. Then one day back in ’68 I was doing maintenance on a drone, running diagnostics on its OS, when I realized my commlink had been accidentally turned off. It confused the hell out of me at first, I couldn’t figure out how I was accessing the drone with no ‘link. Over the next few weeks, though, I experimented a bit and managed to replicate the situation, and even go a bit further. The day I jumped into a drone, rigging it direct via VR, commlink-free, I knew I was something different. I’ve heard similar stories from other technomancers—some of them even dating to before the Crash. So don’t assume we’re a product of the Crash, or manipulated by AIs, or any other such nonsense. If you do, you’re just expressing your ignorance.
> Inbus

And Savar, though cannon character stats might not properly reflect this (looking at Puck in particular), the old Otaku rules from SR3 has each and every one of them starting with a free datajack cyberware implant. In SR5 I require Technomancers that are taking that "Otaku To Technomancer" quality to have a datajack (paid for from their starting funds) or their Essence starts at 5.9 to reflect that they once had a datajack.
I knew the crash didn't create the technomancers I didn't know that some technomancers showed abilitys before the crash. It wouldn't wouldn't be the crash that created them anyway it would have been the wireless saturation from the matrix.

I made a otaku that used trodes once. In general though making them have a data jack would be appropriate.
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