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Full Version: [SR4] - High Powered Chambering / Rounds
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Did i get the right, that this ammo is only available in a "standard"-version, causing the basic-damage-code of the weapon as stated, but no additional APDS; Ex-, EXEX, etc. version exists?
Did i also get it right, that you always have -2 dice because of recoil that cannot be compensated, no matter what you do?
If i get it right, i think i missed the purpose of this ammo, especially if i look at price and availability.

Maybe i missed something?

PS: please allow a second question. The above mentioned limitations have nothing to do with Battle Rifles. These guns have bigger caliber rounds but the availability, price, range of products (APDS, EX, etc.) are available?
As far as I understand it, by RAW:

Yes, even though there is at least one off reference about high-powered explosive ammo in another book Gun Heaven 2 in the commentary about the Cavalier Arms Sheriff.
Yes; even the first shot suffers the recoil before the bullet even leaves the barrel, and there's nothing you can do about it beyond adding a smartgun system to counter the -2 DP penalty.
Likely so did the creators.

PS: Battle Rifles use the same ammo rules as most all other conventional firearms, unless they too have a high powered chamber.
Thank you very much.
*sigh* You're right. Another example of the massive technical illiteracy of the SR4 writers.

Story time:

I was at the range one day with a relatively new shooter. As it turns out, that day I had a .44, with two levels of ammunition. Some .44 Special (which for the less gunny crowd, is a shorter cartridge containing less powder) and some near-limit .44 Magnum (which is a fire-breathing monster of a round that will, quite literally, put a bullet the size of the last joint of your thumb all the way through a bear).

The new shooter wanted to try the big gun, so I loaded it up with two bullets. First in the cylinder was the .44 special, and next up was the magnum. He shot the revolver with the special, but flinched and hit the target high right. I didn't tell him that the next round was a magnum, but I pointed out that there was almost no kick and told him to just concentrate on keeping his sight picture while squeezing the trigger.

The magnum went right through the bullseye.

In reality, handguns don't have that first shot problem. Any plausible high powered round will leave the barrel before the firearm moves much, unless you have some ridiculous airweight alloy piece of crap. You can do the maths, but what you're basically looking at is the momentum of the bullet versus the momentum of the gun to calculate acceleration, and even a pretty heavy bullet is a small proportion of the mass of a typical gun designed to fire it.

Rant over for now ...
Interesting gun that had built in recoil compensation.
Kriss Vector.
...Being a Adept w/ Adept Centering, you can ignore that pesky thing called Recoil.. cool.gif
QUOTE (Stingray @ Nov 25 2017, 01:56 AM) *
...Being a Adept w/ Adept Centering, you can ignore that pesky thing called Recoil.. cool.gif

Got to be pretty high grade initiate before you can ignore all recoil with Adept Centering. Though with a fully recoil comped gun you can certainly ignore the silly recoil from high powered rounds with just a couple of grades.
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