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Full Version: Amnesiac 1
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I like making characters, so I am trying to make some amnesiacs that anyone can use for a player that takes the 8-point version of the negative quality. When I have enough of them, I will start collecting them in a thread in the Community Projects subforum, like I did for my PACKS. I will post the individual amnesiacs here, though, for feedback and suggestions, especially any problems with the backstory. Here is the first one:

PC material:
[ Spoiler ]

Breakdown and stats:
[ Spoiler ]

Description and Background:
[ Spoiler ]
Edited after feedback from the other forums. The biggest tweak is her augmentations, which I feel are more thematic now (all bioware or geneware). Also some minor revisions to the backstory.

The second amnesiac is getting close to done now.
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