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Full Version: (SR5) Teamwork with an Agent
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Can you use an Agent for a Teamwork test?

I am helping a friend design a character. His character is a Face/Detective who has an internal commlink with a built-in Agent (Rating 4) using option in Data Trails book that lets a commlink be modified to be able to run a program. He liked the idea of having a Dr. Watson (Agent-4), that would go and help find information.

I was wondering what other GMs thought about about also being able to use Agent as an assistant for a Teamwork test.

Also, if you're using an Agent for a Teamwork test, do successes raise the Limit as well? (Data Processing + Successes) ??
Cool idea
Lol, get the slot available and convince an AI to take up residence.
Not CDF but something funny.
Teamwork works as usual; Agent rolls its Computer/Cybercombat/Hacking + Rating [Data Processing] and adds hits as dices and + Limit.
QUOTE (Savar @ Dec 15 2017, 01:17 PM) *
Cool idea

Cool Idea.. would you allow it?
QUOTE (Bushw4cker @ Dec 15 2017, 05:01 PM) *
Cool Idea.. would you allow it?

As a GM, yes.

There is room for abuse.

It could be interesting if the agent woke up and started arguing with the player.

I am going to expand the use more and more in a logic progression that brakes everything.

And others.

However I still think it is a cool concept.
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