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Full Version: Looking for a picture of a Troll
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After returning to Shadowrun after more than a yearís break Iím ready to run the shadows again.
With the new-ish books returning the Shaman to his roots I wanted to try one of those and a troll at that.
The mental image of my character is based on a picture I seem to recall in one of the SR1 or SR2 sourcebooks but I cannot remember which. Initially I thought it was from Sprawl Sites. As I cannot recall Iím reaching out to you guys for a bit of help.

The troll on the picture is a lanky, dressed in rags but carrying a tome while he is walking down some street. I believe there are billboards in the background. The troll is naturally bearded and he must likely has a horn too.

The artistís name, a link or even the picture itself would be a great name.

Thanks in advance.
Found it!

Itís from NeoAnarchistís Guide to Real Life.

Thank you for your assistance though.
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