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In real or shadowrun setting is there an extensive network of maintenance tunnels?
Kren Cooper
Couple of resources you can use:
The GIS Seattle Gov map of water and power can show current connections and paths, if you want inspiration and to know where the main sewer lines and facilities are right now:

Map of combined / separated sewers in Seattle:

CSO overflow points:

2009 Article about new sewer in Bothell:

Anti flood work done which changes the sewer environment:

Examples of sewer installation contractors working:

Route 99 tunnel project with some info on maintenance tunnels:
More info:

Hope these help.
Not really. Seattle has a slightly weird geological history. For example, the wreckage of Seattle past became the Seattle Underground, which is now basically deserted streets - but that's just in the Pioneer Square area.

There are few other tunnels in the regular sense. However, there is so much covered-over debris from past fires and earthquakes that there are a lot of voids.

Other than that, just the regular plumbing of a city.
Extraterritoriality might be an incentive to connect buildings which are close to each other and belong to the same corp, but I don't really see a reason for a real network of tunnels. And remember how much grunt work is done by drones in SR, unless there is a need for persons to be in these tunnels there won't be space for them either.
Not really, but between expansions of the Ork Underground, secret corporate facilities, bug spirits, and earth spirits, any amount of underground digging is possible if the GM decides there should be a tunnel.
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