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Full Version: Help sought - Random "twists"
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Kren Cooper
Looking for some inspiration and ideas from people - the idea being "twists that could happen during a run"

Ideas I have so far (to give an idea of the type of thing I am looking for):
  • The johnson is under an influence spell from the previous run, and sends you on a job he doesn't want doing
  • double cross by the johnson
  • triple cross by the johnson
  • another team already on the job is part way through their run
  • unexpected public event with law enforcement and crowds in the way
  • the target has children or innocents present for some reason that complicate the mission
  • target is a sudden cause of allergies to a random team member
  • discovery TV is filming a behind the scenes at the target - there are cameras *everywhere*
  • there's a birthday party at the target or next door - close enough that it interferes with the job
  • incredibly bad weather of some type causes problems
  • food poisoning from the meal the night before affects one random team member
  • the target of the mission is already gone, missing or was never present
  • a random team member has their best mate call for help halfway through the job
  • the target of the job is an "evil twin", duplicate, simulation or not as expected
  • big convention in town means that there are no hotel rooms available and taxis are all at triple normal cost

Any and all ideas welcome, even the wacky ones. The ideas don't even have to directly affect the job - they could just be incidental background details that can be easily worked around (but need to be taken into account in the planning stage)
Stingray of the PC's is in under Thrall of Blackberry Cat..
They stumble upon a pristine Fruitcake.
The target organisation is holding a regional meeting of all it's awakened staff, so the place is crawling with awakened people.
- Target turns out to be related to one or more PCs
- Lone Star is on the target too (might see the PCs act, might act before them, might give a faster response than expected, etc.).
- Hurricane or other catastrophe.
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