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Full Version: Weapon Foci Questions
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If using a weapon foci power 2, and your base skill in katanas is 6, and you're ambidextrous 6, when wielding the weapon foci katana and another katana, would you be throwing 12 dice (8 + 1/2 of cool.gif or 11 (6 + 1/2 of 6 + 2)? IE, does the weapon foci add to the base skill?

Other question, do you have to sleep with your weapon foci, shower with it, crap with it, eat with it, etc, just so that it doesn't deactivate?
12, it actually adds to skill.

Other question, do you have to sleep with your weapon foci, shower with it, crap with it, eat with it, etc, just so that it doesn't deactivate?

It's easy enough to re-activate it (just spend a simple action), it doesn't get destroyed or anything.

But sleeping with it, showering with it, etc. is recommended for the tremendous style factor wink.gif
You only have to sleep with it if it's a dikoted AVS ally-spirit.
I believe in the basic rulebook it says that Katanas are two handed weapons, so you can't duel weild them anyway. Then again, if you're a troll...

If katanas were strictly two-handed, they wouldn't have made an off-hand weapon table with them included as a primary weapon, with more possibilities for an off-handed weapon. See page 96, Cannon Companion.
Plus katanas being entirely two-handed would go against many of my favorite video games and movies.
I'm doing a samurai physad who wields a blade in each hand. I think they should bring out a wakizashi, which is like a samurai's secondary weapon, you know?
Well, it's obviously not going to have better reach or damage than the katana, so as a secondary weapon it doesn't really matter what stats it has, now does it?

On a more sober note: You're absolutely right. There should be stats for a wakizashi. You should make them up for us.
For a wakizashi, I've done both (STR+3)L and (STR+1)M. Depended on which game I was "newly inventing" the stats for, since I usually didn't remember which I had done last time.
Wakizashi I'd do (Str + 1) M with a Reach of 0. A Kris is basically a short sword with a specific design, and it has a damage code of (Str) M with 0 reach, so going with the trend of Katana = Sword with +1 Power, it seems the easiest way to convert it. Cost you can figure out for your own games, but I'd suggest about 3/4 the price of a Katana.

There are many historical examples of samurai clans who specialized in two-weapon fighting with their katana and wakizashi and a few individuals with training were able to use a pair of katanas effectively. Plus, if you say a katana must be used with two hands, you take away the third best samurai character from old Japanese movies -- the One-Armed Samurai (With Zatoichi and Miyamoto being the best characters nyahnyah.gif ).

The Abstruse One
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