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Full Version: Security Companies - ideas sought
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Kren Cooper
Help sought - names and fluff for security companies.

No Smuggler campaign tonight, as a couple of my players couldn't make it -so no writeup this week. So, instead I started work on a "security companies" database for use in my seattle drop in game. I posted to my FB group the following:

I'd like everyone in the "regular team" to contribute if possible, and others if they feel like it. What I'm looking for is the names of 5 different security companies that operate in or around Seattle. These can be from a tiny one man shop running a few drones and matrix security to an office with 200 foot sloggers on patrol and a couple of souped up aircabs as their "swat team". What I'm after is a company name, a size, and a one -two line description of them. Do they have a snazzy uniform? Do they do custom laser tripwires as a speciality? Do their watcher spirits always look like clowns? Do their staff all speak Spanish, or Italian, or are all orks - or are stricly no-meta-humans-here-thank-you.

Something like:
Pink Panther Security, Small (12 employees), single office - do mainly forensic follow up work and investigation after crimes have been committed, subcontracting for other firms. Strong matrix skills, but lacking experience with paracritters and magic. Logo is a classic Inspecter Clousoe comic character peering through a magnifying glass.


Joes Security, medium size company (100 staff), single office - providing low level security guards and foot patrols for warehouses and office blocks. Standard gear is a taser shock club and a phone (no radios), and ex-military fatigues with low level armour - they are cheap but have low training standards and provide a very basic service.

Given a key bit of text like that I'm sure my creative juices will flow, and I'll expand that into a full company profile and add it to my "security providers" database that I'm building. Once it's done, I'll share it out with everyone so budding GMs have a resource to use for inspiration on runs.

I figured I might as well post here as well, and see if anyone was interested in contributing some ideas. Once I've got a bunch of submissions from my players written up, and anything from here, I'll post up the document in my dropbox and put a link in this thread for anyone that would like to download a copy and use as a basis for their own campaign or game sessions. I've got a bunch of the "big"providers such as Lone Star, Knight Errant, Parashield, etc from the core books and the Wiki, and was mostly going to be adding smaller stuff that might be more interesting for a team to face off against. On the other hand, if anyone has a link to a similar project that they can point me at - bonza!

Not quite what you're looking for, but:

Eagle Security a medium-sized canon security corp that's known for using animals on patrol. Invisibility means a bit less when they can still smell you. Plus, it's pretty scalable: dogs, paracritters, barghests/hellhounds. They appear to be native-American based, operating out of Sioux/Salish lands, but offering services in UCAS and CAS.
Chameleon Project Security

Two man partnership. One is a drone/security rigger, the other is a hermetic mage. They specialise in short term security for brief events, or physical items such as high value shipments. The rigger sets up a network of mutually monitoring (to detect tampering) devices that also do surveillance with realtime offloading to nonvolatile storage (so that even if the drones/cameras/sensors are destroyed, there's an auditable trail up to that point) while the mage lays down a bunch of watchers, and summons a specialised spirit (depending on the environment in question) to provide emergency muscle. They often collaborate with other security teams, adding some specialised skills to a specific situation. They're well-known and trusted by local law enforcement groups, so when they squeal, heavy hitters gear up. But given their armed drones and spirit presence, they don't usually have to.

Izon Security

Small company (fifty guards, ten administration) that specialises in security situations where a friendly-seeming face is required. Fancy shops, bouncers at high class parties, a night at the opera. All their guards spend 10% of their job time training in martial arts (armed and unarmed, all the way from kung fu to gun fu) and another 5% in deportment classes. All their guards are either adepts or cybernetically modified to a very high degree. It's a good job, because Izon pays for it. That also means that they get the best. They don't come cheap, but when you need a couple of folks to quietly persuade the drunk ork son of a senator that he'd be happier outside, perhaps vomiting behind the dumpster, it's worth the cash. But they will also give you a friendly smile at the local jewelry shop, and direct you to the natural pearl counter with professional polish.

Proforce Coverage

Proforce is a large group (300 guards) that are your basic rentacops. Pseudo-military bearing and all that goes with it makes up for the fact that half of them are considering retirement and the other half are too law-abiding for gangsters and too dull for regular police work. They have an emergency response team (two medics, armoured vans, twenty competent legbreakers, four riggers and a pack of dog shamans that negotiated a snazzy lodge as part of their package) that can mix it up with a dozen go-gangers, but not a lot more.
Quinn's Bodyguard Service. 1-man operation.
Quinn doesn't start fights, he ends them. Please note: Pointing anything dangerous at or near a client of his counts as starting a fight.
Typical clientele includes emerging media personalities and corporate movers and shakers. Quinn, although human, is the size of a small troll, but quick like lightning. Has been known to favour non-lethal solutions.

(also, he *may* have connections in the shadows and Seattle's *ahem* Italian community)
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