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Full Version: Underwater adaptations
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Want to get some opinions on this. I've been musing on what other sprawls are like, thinking about possibly getting my PCs traveling a bit. With all the climate change articles talking about South Florida going under the waves, I kind of want to run with that as a concept, a sprawl adapted to being partially submerged, and I'm hoping you guys will have some insight on how it might work. I figure I can shunt the Scarface pastiche imagery over to Havana across the strait if that's what the people want at some point.

Anyways, so I'm thinking as things start to get wetter and the city starts to drown, augmentations are becoming more of a thing and the Awakening happens. Some intrepid corp (Proteus?) gets underwater kelp/oyster plantations going to feed the masses of humanity, or some other underwater industries (ideas?), and certain metahumans get augmented to go down there. I'm thinking you'd get lung mods for the partially collapsed structure that lets marine mammals avoid the bends, maybe some kind of override for the gasp-for-air reflex, internal air tanks, pressure adaptation for the ears, etc. Maybe there's also a sizable seal shifter population. Settlements are a collection of little Sealab-style pressure habs rather than a big aquacology or arcoblock. Meanwhile, you've got families and the unmodded (unless you mod babies out right away or something?) on high ground and the SINless have-nots living in the tidal zone in between.

Cyberware and the like probably is the way to go for these adaptations, right? If it's geneware or something maybe you could have families under the surface. Or is this way too high tech? Does this idea have promise? I'd love some thoughts.

You want to play in Hamburg, Germany.

Cyber and Bio both are what you are looking for.
Neither gene nor nano stuff is really all that usefull for extreme environmental adaption.
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