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Full Version: Best Way to Catch Up?
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So...what's going to be the best way to catch up on what the hell has been going on in the Shadowrun world? (Also it's nice to be back, I don't even remember the last time I was on this forum.)

To be honest... I wouldn't really bother, there was enough lore in 3e to have run from then till now and have some left over. Otherwise, there's info on the net and if you REALLY feel the need there are the core books with the basic timelines of current events. 4e had some interest advancements in plot I suppose and 5e threw out some interesting threads maybe, but nothing really different than when Fuchi fell.
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Streetpedia touches on a lot of topics. Good way to touch on some of highlights in last few editions.
Personally I could live without CFD storyline. Liked the Tarot stuff was hoping it would get a follow up.
4e had some interesting stuff before Catalyst took over. Apparently Governor Kenneth Brakhaven's daughter is a drug artist in love with an Ork rapper. That was announced when he was still running for governor. I'm not 100% sure what a drug artist is, but also I'm here for it.

Also, both of these are on the same wiki site.

They look slightly different, but I didn't compare close enough to know for sure.
If you don't mind spending the time, you can also go through the Neo-Anarchist Podcast which has Opti reading through the history of Shadowrun. Most of the beginning stuff you will know from the 'How it came to pass' front section in the books, but it does eventually get to newer materials as well.
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