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Full Version: Shadowrun-esqe minis
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Hey, have you all seen this? Not gonna lie, it is a company formed by me, but since no other cyberpunk/fantasy skirmish game ever materialized, this may scratch some itches.

"Welcome to Fragging Unicorns Games! While we have RPGs and Card games on the horizon, our current project is Gangs of the Undercity, a minis skirmish game where you can create your gang of cyberpunk fantasy outcasts and battle your friends with gorgeous minis. Here's a peak!"

anyway, feel free to ask any questions or, if you'd like, I could rope you in on a playtest.
Anyway, thanks for at very least looking at the swell minis!

- Opti
Nice. Like some of the designs I'm seeing.

Also looks pretty compatible with some post-apocalyptic concepts.

I'm not usually much of a minis kind of a guy, but shadowrun conflict can get complex enough to make them useful.

Random questions (realising that it's still early days) will you have scenery/debris units like burned-out vehicles (or fully functional vehicles), ruins, skyscrapers, office decor?

Just thoughts. I like what I see, anyway.
we are working with a scenery maker, yes, but the initial crowdsource will focus on the minis and rules. Of course, if we reach enough stretch goals, the sky is the limit.
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