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Hi guys. It's been a long time since I've been here... early 5th edition actually. Just saw there was a new edition and decided to dust off my deck and poke around. What's the lowdown? Good changes? bad changes? go back to 4th edition and be done with it?
From my take of it all, bad changes & go back to SR4 and be done with it. wink.gif

Seriously, SR6 makes SR5 look really good, IMO.
Ooof! That bad?
Yeah. That bad.

They tied to 'simplify' the corebook by just not printing major rules sections, and the editing has gone downhill from even SR5's nadir. ~27 pages of errata in the first week, including sections copied wholesale from SR5 still referencing mechanics that don't exist in SR6.

Then there's the first fluff book, which is just coming out, and.... well, how do you feel about doing the Universal Brotherhood plot yet again?
I'm not the world's greatest writer by a long shot, but the dumbasses would have done better to hire me.

It's not good, FuelDrop. Not good at all.
This makes me sad, but at least we have the previous editions to fall back on.
Yup, that's what Shadowrun needs.

Pathrun. 3.5 Ed.

Shadowfinder? Pathshadow. Something.
"Johnson and Johnson: corporate contracts."
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