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Kren Cooper
Hello again folks

Prompted by a recent request for my Character sheet document, which led to a talk about some GM aids I have made, I thought I would bung a whole bunch of them into a single spreadsheet and share them out in case they were useful to anyone else.

The spreadsheet can be found via the following Dropbox link:
The current version is 1.2 (updated 06/05/2020)

What's in the spreadsheet? Well, there's a brief description in the contents page, but it has:

Tab 1: Speed, Distance and Time
Allows you to enter a speed in either metres per combat turn, kph, mph or knots and it will tell you the equivalent speed in all the other systems.
You can enter a distance in either km, miles or nautical miles, and it will again tell you the equivalent in the other systems
Based on the two values entered (speed and distance) it then shows you in a third box the time taken in combat rounds, minutes, hours or days to cover that distance.
Last of all, there is a quick economy calculator where if you put in the fuel tank size, and economy rating, it will spit out a maximum range.

Tab 2: Ramming damage
A really simple table that shows speeds from 10mpt up to 300mpt, equivalent speeds in kph, mph and knots - and the damage caused by the vehicle if it rams something.

Tab 3 - Ammunition
In our game world I designed a whole bunch of different ammo, that fits in the gaps between regular and APDS, and APDS and AV to "smooth" the damage out. So, now there are options that can be a threat to milspec, without negating it so much, and ammo for shooting at vehicles that doesn't negate their armour value. For some people it will make things to complex, for others it might add depth and flavour and give some new twists. In our playtesting it allows a GM to more finely tune a threat level, or make an NPC vehicle a bit more durable by tweaking the ammo in the campaign and available to your players.

Tab 4 - Healing Calculator
When you get shot, fill in the yellow boxes with the appropriate values, and it will spit out your target numbers for the healing tests. Roll some dice and enter the number of successes you got, and it will spit out the time to heal, in different circumstances. Easy!

Tab 5 - Totems
Lists all the totems from SR3 and MITS, in a nice table. Has auto-filters, so if you need an NPC with a particular bonus, you can easily filter for that and exclude all the others and find a flavour that suits. Likewise, it's good to help a player decide on a totem for their new character using this based on flavour, feel or bonuses they are interested in.

Tab 6 - Physical Adept powers
Has all the basic SR3 powers, along with MITS and the SOTA books. Also has a whole bunch of custom powers I've made up or taken from other GMs / publications that I'm planning on using for a high level physical mage game. Like the totems list, it's all easy to filter and sort through.

Tab 7 - Weapons
This one is very definitely incomplete and a work in progress. But, all the weapons from SR3 and CC will end up in there, along with the oddments from things like M&M (narcojet rifle) and a whole bunch of custom guns - a lot of the stuff from my Smuggler game is in here, where the team have picked up third world "cheap" gear and had to make do while they grubbed for money. I added a weapon quality partly for flavour, and partly for inspiration for dealing with botches/critical fails .

Tab 8 - Summoning
Shows the steps for summoning, banishing and controlling in a hopefully easy logical flow. But, if you punch in the numbers for the caster, the boxes on the left side change colour, adapting the levels of drain up and down as appropriate. Can really help new players work out how much they can summon.

Tab 9 - Magic Group
Helps you work out the TN for making a new group, but also makes sure the strictures and ideals are written down. Selecting the group level will randomly generate a library / lodge level which will update whenever excel calculates... I'd suggest hitting the F9 (update) button a bunch of times then stopping randomly to get a value - then overtyping if needed.

Tab 10 - Magical design New
Sumarises all the modifiers for spell design and spell learning, has an overview of the talismongering > artificing flow, and then lists all the stages and works out the target numbers, times, and outputs of the process

Tab 11 - Data
This has tables of data in used by drop down menus and stuff elsewhere on the sheet. Nothing useful as a GM, but it's where excel is pulling options from if you want to have a look.

Stuff to do:
I have a surgery planner built as a separate sheet, so I need to move that in, and migrate all the tables / check the formulas.
I'm working on a rigger vehicle designer, along with a gun designer - but they're on the back burner.

Comments, suggestions and feedback welcome. Happy to send people a copy of this, or PDFs of things like the phys-ad power list or totems if they want something usable on a tablet / phone without opening excel.
Very impressive; I'm particularly interested in the ammo section - is it possible to avoid the cost (in terms of reduced efficiency) of doing anything else besides the 'obviously best' to add more flavour and opportunities to roleplay a distinctive style? I really look forward to playing around with that part of your spreadsheet. I understand that merely typing in data for weapons may not be much fun, but... where's my, I mean, where's my CHARACTER'S Panther Assault Cannon? biggrin.gif
Kren Cooper
Updated to version 1.2, added a "magical designer" tab with details of spell learning, spell design and talismongering through to arificing.
Also finished adding all the weapons from the main rule book and cannon companion into the weapons list (or rather my wife / Tads helped me out!) so that is pretty complete now - just need to work through things like Man and Machine for the narcojets and stuff like 2063/2064 to add those.
Hi kren!
Thanks again for the sheets! I wondered about the adept powers - it says there as source "adept book". What book is it referring to?
Kren Cooper
QUOTE (Acenoid @ Dec 14 2020, 07:54 PM) *
Hi kren!
Thanks again for the sheets! I wondered about the adept powers - it says there as source "adept book". What book is it referring to?

Strangely enough, I've just looked through my folder, and I can't find it - I'm sure it was a fan made book of extra adept powers - I'd gotten the impression it was stuff from 5th and 4th edition, along with other systems that had appropriate powers, converted into a generic list. I just went through and cherry picked the stuff I felt was decent and balanced enough to add in and give more options.
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