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Full Version: Not Sprawlgangers... but Gangs of the Undercity!
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It's Launch Day for Gangs of the Undercity on Kickstarter!

Hey folks, most of you know me from the Shadowrun lore podcast, the Neo-Anarchist Podcast, or from the Shaowrun: Origins actual play, or because I write for Shadowrun as O.C. Presley. But now I'm asking you to check out my new gaming company, Fragging Unicorns, and our new cyberpunk/fantasy minis game, Gangs of the Undercity (and I'm still writing and loving Shadowrun!). (And as an aside, while I typed this, we hit our funding goal in less than two hours!!)

Gangs of the Undercity is a miniatures skirmish wargame. You control a cyberpunk/fantasy gang brawling in the Undercity of Neo-Babylon. Itís a dystopian, subterranean sprawl revering ancient Babylonian gods and culture.

As a skirmish game, Gangs of the undercity uses only a handful of minis instead of dozens or hundreds, and each model has its own unique role, flavor, and abilities.
A typical game lasts about an hour, but we also have a robust campaign mode where your wins, losses, and choices in each
game, continue to have repercussions over time. You can also play solo in our narrative mode.

I hope you'll consider checking it out...or at least hate it enough to buy it and give it to your worst enemy!
Gangs of the Undercity is LIVE and can be found at:

For lore videos, audio dramas and our live kickoff stream, check out our YouTube channel at:

Follow along on Facebook at:


Twitter: @FragginUnicorns

Gameplay Video from OnTableTop:

Feedback from Pro Painters:
"The two minis I painted had awesome dynamic poses and design, they can really stand out on the playmat. Between Ansa's cool headed and battle ready pose and Char's pure rage and aggressive stance and expression it was a blast to put color to them and really see 'em come to life" - Nonsense Painting

"This mini's dynamic and aggressive pose was so expressive and a blast to paint. Can't wait to get my hands on more !" - Dev Paints

"These are really wonderful and enjoyable minis to paint. The sculpts are incredibly detailed and dynamic with a real sense of character. The casting quality is fantastic and I'm incredibly excited to paint more." - Agent Meeple

"Domino practically painted himself, with his ready for havoc attitude. He was a fantastic sculpt and honor to paint up." - Brushforhire

"I really enjoyed painting up Acid, the great detail made bringing him to life a joy; right down to his personalized knuckledusters. Fragging Unicorns have done an awesome job with these minis, they have a bunch of personality, are loads of fun to paint & are of a great quality. ^.^" - Electric Eve

"I really enjoyed getting to work on Adelante! The miniature is high quality with a lot of nice detail and character. She was a joy to paint - especially with some fun cyberpunk colors!" - Sullivan Mini Studio

Feedback from playtesters:
"I've had the opportunity to playtest this at multiple phases of development. It is SO much fun. Exactly what I want in a cyberpunk gang skirmish miniatures game!"

"Awesome game with a great setting and a lot of love put into it. Super excited for the Kickstarter!"

"Had a lot of fun playing in the public beta, excited to see this launch soon!"

"Played as part of the playtest and this has easily been the most fun I've had with a miniatures wargame. I love how accessible it is while still having strategic play options."

"Easy to explain rules, quick and dynamic gameplay"

"I really liked the variety of attacks in a given match, between spells and breaching. It makes the battles very dynamic."
I backed.
Thanks, both of you! With your helps, we shattered our goal pretty handily yesterday!
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