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We are starting a SR2 game over on discord. We'll be using a separate discord channel (not yet created) for Voice and some bookkeeping, and roll20 for maps/text chat during game. Looking at weekend game day, originally Sunday afternoon US, but may change to accommodate global players. It looks middling on the Pink Mohak-Mirrorshades scale. Any creation system is ok: Priority, Sum to 10, BP, Becks - use standard points. Using more metahumans option, Magic priorities go to human defaults.

Originally, the group was for GMs, so everyone could take a turn GMing and play at all the other times, alleviating the issue of always GMing never getting to play. After realizing we were rusty on SR2 rules, we opened it up to those willing to GM after getting comfortable with the rules. It may wind up we allow anyone, but I do not want those who just want to be entertained and can't be bothered to at least learn how to run their own character. (If that is you, I'll be happy to run a game for pay.) Priority will be given to those who GM, then those willing to GM when comfortable (with 2 GMs already willing, it should be comfortable by the time they get done taking their turns), and lastly non-Gm players.

Parameters/House Rules
1) 2E
2) Game time: weekend afternoon in US/evening in Europe (may alter to accommodate global players)
3) middle of the road game (on the mirrorshade/pink mohawk scale), perhaps more eccentric 2nd campaign
4) any creation system (players choice)
5) GM will complete a run before handing the reigns off to the next GM
6) more metahumans
7) 2050
8.) no in party bullying or backstabbing
9) GM & PLAYER approval for PCs
10) Any 2E (or 1E Shadowtech book) cyber/bio/gear/spell/metamagic/etc is ok regardless of year it was introduced
11) streamlined decking based on host color/security rating, threshold based on obscurity/secrecy of info sought
12) no otaku, ghouls, were, vamps, etc
13) Optional Enemy rule based on starting resources
14) Cultured bioware is ok, but limited by availability
15) SRComp optional pools (Social, Athletics, Dodge)
16) Max Threat rating 4
17) no surge (those that want to use surge can roll for it, player and GM take turns assigning effects)
18) Armor is 'in fashion'. Open weapons and armor beyond the norm of fashion is Security Zone rating dependent
19) Cyberlimb Essence is halved
20) Starting Availability 8

I hope that gives enough details to decide if you are interested. Contact on discord:
So you'll be playing over Roll20 with Discord voice chat and another Discord for discussion?

Mark me down as interested, but I have very little experience with 2E FYI. I'm -5 GMT in KY.
QUOTE (ravensmuse @ Aug 19 2020, 03:46 PM) *
So you'll be playing over Roll20 with Discord voice chat and another Discord for discussion?

Mark me down as interested, but I have very little experience with 2E FYI. I'm -5 GMT in KY.

Yes, pretty much.

The discord link is to a recruitment, coordination channel. I'll likely start a different discord channel (I do not control the linked one) so I can have a bit more control. On the current one, people tend to drop in, there are bot posts, and sometimes just posting to the wrong channel.

Discord Voice is pretty easy to use. I use it with my cell phone. We have a Voice channel on the linked discord, but again I can't keep out anyone. I will give that voice channel a try, just in case anyone wants to listen in, but if they disrupt in any way, I'll use a more private one.

I like roll20 for maps. you can draw on them, create tokens for it, and move tokens around. I also plan to use the chat (displayed beside the map) for text chat and dice rolling during the game. Which reminds me, roll20 has a dice feature we'll use.
I believe discord links regularly expire. The Group is: RPG Gamerz, Inc if you need to search. Once the it is shadowrun 2e 2050 rpg.
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