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Full Version: Where do I find/put Maps?
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Hope this works, it's been years since... is this even a proboard or something?

I was wondering where everyone's been putting their maps. Also is the board still open to new maps?




*rant and rave* what does it take to show a picture on this thing???
Green Eyed Monster
I don't believe pictures are allowed, just links to them.
The art on this looks cool! What exactly is it a floorplan of? It looks like a lodge, but with an outdoor grill?
Oh... that was just a small piece of a map to test the waters and see what I could do with the bb code.

Not much apparently.

Since your interested I'll introduce you to my WIP. Meet the Cybersoul Amalgamated(Currently) Core Esports Center. Circa 2068.


I can explain whatever you need about the map. It's not done yet though.

Ope, no worries! You've definitely got a lot of detail on it. Whenever I do maps, I mostly end up stealing assets from RPG Maker (The humble bundles tempted me...).
I'm just using dungeon painter studio from steam myself.

Got to finish the blank areas and do more dramatis personae for this one.
It took me 30 seconds to figure out the whole post was the link, lol.

I'll stick to making my own but thanks for the recommendation.
Newest Version

Seeing as I'm double posting to put it here should I suppose this forum isn't big on maps or that I'm putting them in the wrong place?
The forum's pretty quiet in general, I don't think you're bothering anyone. I think the progress looks nice.

What do you use to display the map? Do you cut out chunks, or does your software allow you to load the whole thing?
These days most of my gaming is on Roll20, and I have a premium subscription so I get to play with dynamic lighting. The results are pretty darn cool smile.gif
QUOTE (AquaBlack0B @ Aug 28 2020, 08:59 PM) *
What do you use to display the map? Do you cut out chunks, or does your software allow you to load the whole thing?

From what Fueldrop said looks pretty nice.

In this map though most of the area is well known to Shadowrunners. A section on the right with a well respected local chopdoc, a fixer, and the real selling area for the talismonger would actually be darkened out for everyone *but* Shadowrunners.

I'll have to get the dramatis personae up and running in a bit once the map is done.
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