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Full Version: Ghouls, Magic Loss, & Cyberware
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Have had a question brewing in my mind for a while now; what happens when a ghoul gets any cyberware?

Now the immediate answer is normally they loose a point of magic and some essence loss, but what about pre-existing cyberware? What if the meta-human was at 1 point of essence to begin with?

I've seen it handled differently in the various editions of Shadowrun, but if you count essence loss prior to cyberware affecting one's magic rating you can't become a magician, adept, mystic adept, what-have-you. So if I had a datajack would I still turn into a ghoul? Does the meta-human have an affective resistance against becoming a ghoul?

What are the community's thoughts on the matter. No pressure for time, it's just been more of a logic problem in my head for a week or so and I need some outside thoughts on the matter.

4th ed covers all this in Runner's Companion. Pg 77 and 83 specifically. Cyberware won't protect you from becoming a ghoul unless you have so little essence that becoming a ghoul reduces you to 0 essence. Then you die. So immunity through death.
Infected can get cyberware (and bioware and nanoware) so long as they can find a place that will work on a walking biohazard (double availability). Regenerating types need to get delta grade cyber but other types (like ghouls) can get any type. Once more, losing enough essence through this process to take them to 0 kills them.
None of them can get geneware
QUOTE (Mantis @ Feb 5 2021, 09:42 PM) *
Regenerating types need to get delta grade cyber but other types (like ghouls) can get any type.

I think that was done away with in 5th, IIRC vampires can't get any cyber anymore.
Fair enough for the essence loss, but what about magic?

Typically if you have a magic rating of 1 for a newly awakened human, but get a datajack it'll drop to 0.

Ghouls have a magic rating of 1 to begin with. What happens to them?

I looked through the search history, and didn't find anything quickly enough (I'm about to head out for a bit), but I remember it being discussed as a possible solution to them being permanently dual-natured. You'd lose your magic, but would no longer be a potential target for astral-only threats. If you go that route, cybereyes are probably a good choice, because your only method of sight is assenssing, and having no magic makes that significantly less useful.

Unless you increased your magic first to avoid burning out.
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