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Full Version: World Mythology and Shadowrun
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I've just finished watching Mortal and this evoked some other sci-fi/fantasy materials that I've encountered. Mark Chadborn's Age of Misrule for one, but also things like Ragnarok etc. I'm personally loving how they are using the mythologies of various cultures to bring some cool storytelling, which for me translates to cool potential for epic Shadowrun games. (Sorry, just had a quick flashback to Tomb Raider Underworld, too.)

Has anyone tried to integrate this kind of stuff into their games or have you focused more on the "cyberpunk"-style stories (more tech and magitech?)?

Just an honest inquiry because I'm having fun watching Mortal at the moment.

(Dare I mention Bright? *ducks* wink.gif )
I played a PC in a short-lived campaign here on DS, African Righteousness -- a decade ago!

The PC was called Yazata, and considered himself to be a fallen angel from the Heavenly hosts of Ahura Mazda. Twenty questions for him below. I had a great deal of fun creating him. I wish the campaign had lasted.

[ Spoiler ]
Quick question for you in the "meta," but was this just a delusion of the character or was there to be more substance for it? For example, where they actually a spirit...?

(Which reminds me that I need to look at whether being a spirit is an option in standard SR.)

FWIW, one thing that I've been wanting to introduce into "my" SR is a little bit more Western Magic Tradition.
I left it up to the GM whether he was delusional, or correct. The game didn't last long enough for me to find out.

Playing a Free Spirit as a PC is available in SR, I think first in SR4. I played a couple of them. One I particulary liked was a Valkyrie, shunned on her home plane Valhalla because she was not all that into combat.
More inspiration for me! Thank you.
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